Those taking flights to Vancouver will be delighted to know the amazing facts about this city after reading this article. It is a coastal Canadian city. It is located on the Lower Mainland in the British Columbia. It got its name from British captain George Vancouver. In the 1790’s he was the first one to explore and map the area. This metropolitan area is very popular in the western part of Canada. It has a population of 5, 78,041. The place is very ethnic and diverse. Its first language is Chinese. This destination has the largest and busiest port in Canada. The city has a booming tourism and film production industry.

Those taking Vancouver flights should not forget to visit the Vancouver International Film City held for two weeks every September. The residents of the metropolis are theatre lovers. The Arts Club Theatre Company and Vancouver Playhouse Theatre Company are the most famous in the region. The metropolitan also has the largest civic museum of Canada. Art lovers can visit the Vancouver Art Gallery that has significant number of works by renowned artists. The region has a very vibrant night life. It offers a variety of food and dining, bars, nightclubs and many street performances. Upscale restaurants and nightclubs are located in Gastown. It is a popular area for nightlife and attracts many people in the weekend.

For over a decade the conurbation has been ranked as the most liveable cities of the world. It has very high quality of living standards. The ones going for the flights to Vancouver must be aware that it is one of Canada’s most expensive conurbation to live in. it is also the cleanest regions of Canada. The streetcar system in the metropolitan has made transportation easier across the place. Is has a very developed transportation system. It was the host city for 2010 Winter Olympic and UFC 115.

The metropolis is situated near Bernard Inlet in the north, Fraser River in the south and the Strait of Georgia in the west. The Stanley Park is the largest urban park in this destination. It covers 404.9 hectares. The region has temperate rainforest vegetation and Oceanic climate. July and August months are dry and sunnier. Droughts are common during this time. While November to March months experience rain. Winter months experience snowfall but does not remain for a very long time. Those booking their tickets in advance to avail the cheap flights to Vancouver should take note of these points.