Jamaica, the city of reggae, beaches and dreadlocks. A great place for vacationers out to get themselves some sun and sand. When you are planning to book yourself some cheap tickets to Jamaica you should know that the peak travel season is between December and April. That is when air tickets are at their most expensive and hotels too tend to be high on rentals. Travel to Jamaica is the warmer seasons and that’s when you will get better deals.

When you are booking flights to Jamaica, go through as many airline booking sites as possible. Aggregator sites are the best way to compare and contrast flight schedules as well as price ranges. Try and do your research well in advance and book your tickets at least a month before you intend to travel. Many people try and keep an eye on fluctuating prices to buy when tickets are really cheap. You end up waiting for so long that before you know it, you are close to the travel date and tickets have become expensive.

Also look for alternate travel routes rather than coming in directly to Kingston. Hop onto flights that are servicing the airport and then use short haul local airlines for your actual flight into Kingston. This is bound to save you a great deal of money. Ifyou are travelling in groups, you will also get a sizable discount on ticket prices. If you have booked your tickets online and want to make some last minute changes, perhaps a day earlier or later, then try and call the helpline of the airline first for these changes. Attempting to do it online may cost you a sizable amount. This way you can ensure that you do not pay anything more for the tickets.

When booking airline tickets, narrow down on the airline of choice and then call up the airline to ask them if they can give you a better deal than what is offered online. Since calling the airline means you weed out the mediator rates, you can get yourself a better deal. Also you could book yourself on an open ticket. The airline will let you know sufficiently in advance when there is a vacancy on the flight. You will get the ticket at a reasonable enough rate.