Lisbon is Portugal’s largest city and the country being a centrally located tourist spot, the demand for tickets is always on. Finding cheap flights to Lisbon is not an impossible task, but one that can be do with a little bit of work. When you are booking flights to Lisbon, remember that specific days of the week like Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are the cheapest. The reason behind this is that Mondays are when business folk tend to travel to get to and from the business destinations. The same goes with tourists who want to make the most of the weekend.

Also you can also think of taking flights to London or Madrid and then get to Lisbon via a local flight or the famous Eurorail. Some of the best inland flights to look at for cheap flights are Monarch Airways, RyanAir and Vueling that fly to Lisbon. This means will of course add to your travel time, but it will also keep some money in your wallet that you can put to better use when on the trip. Another major gateway into Lisbon is through Frankfurt in Germany. There are several European low budget airlines that you can book a flight on that will help save you some money on travel.

When you are looking for flights to travel on within Europe to get to Lisbon, take a look at long haul flights that have a stopover at Lisbon. Such tickets come at a cheaper price. You should also look at the lesser known airlines which offer fee structures that are much lower than other airlines. One such is TAP (Air Portugal), the country’s national airline. Major airlines that have stopovers in Lisbon include British Airways, Air France, Lufthansa and others.

When you are booking tickets, steer clear of peak time season, especially public holidays and major festivals. Also look into the festivals and major holidays of the country when booking your ticket. Getting cheap tickets is impossible at such times. Book your tickets well in advance and if possible use all your discounts and special deal coupons that you have collected.