This write-up is intended to assist those planning to board flights to Chengdu by acting as a destination guide. It is also known as Chengtu. It is the capital of the Sicnuan province. It has a sub-provincial administrative status. It is an important economic, transportation and communication hub in Western China. It is also considered to be a good place of investment. The Public Appraisal of Best Chinese Cities for Investment has ranked it among the top ten. It is located on the Chengdu Plain which is a fertile region. Its name means “the country of heaven”. The China Daily has ranked it as China’s 4th most liveable city.

The place is located on the western edge of the Sichuan Basin. The region is surrounded by the Deyang in the north-east, the Ziyang in the south-east, the Meishan in the south, the Yaan in the south-west and the Naawa Tibetan in the north. The region offers a humid subtropical type of climate. It is a mild and humid region. The winters are cold. Snowfall is rare but it experiences frost every winter. The summers are hot and humid. July and August are the peak rainy months. It receives the lowest sunshine in China. Those who plan to visit the city should book their tickets in advance so as to avail the cheap flights to Chengdu.

The region has been popular among the royal and elite class of China. The city is surrounded by Hibiscus plantation thus is also known as the City of Hibiscus. Those taking Chengdu flights will be delighted to know that it has been the birthplace to the widely used paper money of the world. The Qingyang Gong Taoist temple is the oldest temple of the city. It is also known as the Green Goat Temple. It has a strong industrial base including heavy and light manufacturing, aluminium smelting and chemical production. Manufacturing of silk brocade, satin, cotton and wool has been a traditional occupation.

Its native language is Sichuanese. The region’s cuisine is generally spicy. Some of the local specialities are Chen’s Tofu, Hot Pot, Dan Dan Mien and many others. Those taking flights to Chengdu must try these dishes there. The Sichuan peppers added to the dishes gives them a unique taste. The Los Angeles Times have referred the people of this region as party people as they have a laid back attitude and they enjoy life to the fullest. The headquarters of the Chengdu Military Region is also located here.