Most of the tourists who book flights to Miami associate the city with its beaches. It is true that the city owns a beautiful coastline, yet, it has lot more to offer to the tourists who plan to board Miami flights. It is an educational hub and is known for warm hospitability. Read this article to explore Miami and its top rated tourist spots.

Perfect Time to Book Flights to Miami

Throughout the year, Miami enjoys an awesome weather with bright sunny days and lively clear nights. December to April are the best months to book Miami flights as climate turns more pleasant and the skies are much clear.

Acclaimed Tourist Spots in Miami

Miami is a refreshingly vibrant city where tourists come to rejuvenate their minds. A perfect spot to holiday, Miami offers everything which will help you come out of the hectic daily schedule of your. Book flights to Miami and do visit the under-mentioned locations to have the greatest feel of the city.

  • The Beaches

    Miami Beaches are appreciated worldwide. You can choose the Miami, the Hallandale, or the Niki Beach to spend a sunny afternoon while indulging yourself into a variety of activities. Lying down in the sun, swimming in the ocean, or surfing along the waves, you can have an awesome time of holidaying in Miami. To visit this alluring city, book cheap flights to Miami with an online travel agency.

  • Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

    Home to a historic lighthouse, Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park lures tourists to have sunbath, swim, picnic, and walking hands in hands on Atlantic coastline. If your adventurous mood has overtaken the romantic side of you and your partner, go for kayaking and biking. Those planning to book flights to Miami make sure that their touring schedule includes a tour to this park.

  • Vizcaya Museums and Gardens

    A historical landmark owned by the Miami-Dade County, Vizcaya is a breathtaking experience. This museum is not only a place of historical importance but also holds impeccable beauty in its European style architecture. There is a rustic feel in the gardens of the museum which makes you fall in love with the place. Book flights to Miami and ask your online travel agent to accommodate touring this marvelous building.

  • Coral Castle

    This place is famous for strikingly beautiful structures carved out of corals. It took Edward Leedskalnin, the creator of the castle, 20 years to build this amazing place. The walls and gates of the castle intrinsically surround the furniture designs of various shapes and sizes. It is the enviable coastal settings of the city which lead thousands to book flights to Miami every year.

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Dining and Shopping Experience

Miami has attracted visitors over the years and have treated them with warm hospitability. Above all, it has given them a wide array of cuisines to soothe their gastronomical woos. You can gorge on snacks at the local cafe or can even go out for a fine dining at some international chain.

Intrepid shoppers must visit the stalls located by the beaches as it offers them a variety of souvenirs and other items to pick. Moreover, the city also has some shopping promenades where you can shop under the bright shining sun.

To have fun under the sun, book flights to Miami today!