Numerous urbanized nations pick to have the capital city at the geographic center that’s why the destination of Abuja was selected in 1980 specifically to designate it as the capital city. Besides that, its breezy tranquil weather conditions brings lots of adventure activities and makes it a positive tourists’ haven and people around the globe plan recreational tours and book cheap flights to Abuja. The Three Arms Zone, in Abuja is comprised of the presidential Villa, the National Assembly and the Supreme Court; all are linked through a ring road.

While tour to Abuja the Millennium Tower is the visit worthy location. The tower will offer several new business perspectives internationally and definitely more people will move to Abuja for business tours through the cheap flights to Abuja. The structural design of the tower is marvelously delicate and attractive. In contrast, the “Aso Rock” is the most interesting and odd thing in Abuja city. It’s by nature peculiar pattern makes a puzzling and mystifying look in the evening. The tourists through flights to Abuja should never miss that rock. Abuja National Stadium is the national stadium of the city and an avenue for social, cultural events. The stadium can accommodate up to 60,000 spectators. The architecture is designed fantastically by the German architectures and is well equipped with modern facilities like swimming pool, large screen, health center, a spacious lounge and a café.

Moreover, the tourists to Abuja must also take a visit to the national monument, the National Mosque. The architecture of the mosque is a classic designed; the grand minarets encircle a huge dome. The Muslim community of other African countries flies to Abuja in flights to Abuja on Muslim specific events and occasions. It also keeps a huge library, and a spacious conference room.

More to this point, the lovely water body of Gurara Falls, located by the Gurara River, is a tremendous picnic dot for kids and families’ amusement. It’s composed and fresh green surroundings make a wonderful impression. During the rainy season, the falls gets its boom time and brings lots of amusement and recreation fishing, boating and invites lots of tourists through flights to Abuja.

Your trip to Abuja can’t be done without having some shopping from Wuse Market, the largest and most active market of abuja, and take home some Abuja souvenirs. It offers multitudes of stalls trade crafts, embroidered clothes, pottery, valuable stones, and decorative. The travelers of cheap flights to Abuja must take out some hours to enjoy some shopping from Wuse market.