One of the most visited countries in Europe is the country of Austria, and it is no wonder to see why. Apart from its breathtaking landscapes and sceneries, travelers visiting the country of Austria are treated to an endless array of brilliantly designed buildings and palaces. It is also the home of the waltz and the famous child prodigy and classical music master Mozart. Indeed, the country of Austria is a jewel that every person must visit at least once in their entire life.

Austria is also known for its rich cultural heritage. This could be seen on the pride that the locals have for its brilliant palaces and buildings, their love for the Waltz and their homage to the classical composer and child prodigy Mozart. Whether you are traveling to Austria alone, with friends or with your family, here are just some helpful tips to make you get the most out of your trip to this magnificent country.

Even though temperatures are low, with occasional snow, it just makes this into something of an urban winter wonderland to explore. The Vienna Christmas markets are spread right throughout the city and, thanks to the excellent subway system, they’re easy to get to. You can also walk through the city, taking time to enjoy the stunning architecture in the dusky light.

Vienna Christmas markets are held outdoors in public squares or along pedestrian-friendly roads. In fact, at times it can be hard to escape the smell of mulled wine on the air or the twinkling lights covering trees and buildings. Small huts pop up like mushrooms to offer a surprisingly high-quality range of crafts and foodstuffs.

Salzburg is an incredibly beautiful city that has many outstanding examples of both Romanesque and Baroque architecture. Everywhere you look you will see reminders that this city was birthplace of Mozart. His memory is preserved and celebrated in several museums and through regular musical events that take place in the city.

In Tyrol Austria you can find one of the largest snowparks in Europe: in order to create the impressive Vans Penken Park, they had to transform an entire ski slope in the Mayrhofen area. Numerous facilities that are meant to please all kinds of snowboarders and freestylers, four separate lines and a halfpipe and other characteristics make Mayrhofen the gathering point of freestylers from all over the world, breaking new grounds in terms of sporting performances. Freestyle beginners can also feel at ease in the Vans Penken Park, ad there also is a Kids Park near by.

Crisp apple strudel is an Austrian delicacy mentioned in ‘The Sound of Music’, and is easy to find in restaurants once you visit Austria. Indeed, Austrian cuisine may not be one of the most popular in the world, but it definitely has its own distinct great taste with Italian, German and Hungarian influences. Aside from apple strudel, other notable Austrian specialties include tafelspitz (boiled beef served with apple sauce), kaiserschmarrn (fluffy pancakes), sachertorte (chocolate cake with apricot filling) and Linzertorte (red currant pie), considered the oldest cake in the world. For drinks, enjoy a glass of excellent Austrian wine or a cup of Viennese coffee or hot chocolate.