Best way to sleep on a planeNOT everyone can fall asleep easily in all conditions, including when flying in an airplane. However, who would not want to look fresh and bright when off the plane after a long flight? Sleep during the flight time is the answer. But, what if you are a very disturbed sleep on the plane?

Do not worry, because some of the tricks below will help you to more easily fall asleep during your flight. This trick will be very telling to be practiced for those who will soon be flying in a long time.

1. Choose a window seat

Sometimes, you’ll already feel asleep, but then the train food touches your wrist, or the passenger next to you is not accidentally move and wake you up and you will get upset. Therefore, choose a seat close to the window seat rather than on the side of the aisle. You can also lean on the fuselage, so chances are you in contact with the passenger next to you will be smaller.

2. Wear loose clothes

Style does okay, but believes me, wore a tight and narrow will not make you comfortable and slept well on the plane. Do not wear clothes that are too tight can cut off the circulation of your blood. Better prepare comfortable clothes. If cold attack, maybe you could add a layered fashion. If you fly a dozen hours, after takeoff make sure you change clothes more comfortable and back to change before landing.

3. Use headphones

maybe this is one thing that can be guaranteed to put you to sleep more comfortably during travel. With your favorite music playing in the ears, maybe you’ll fall asleep faster. Headphones can also be a powerful weapon to keep you from the chaotic atmosphere of the aircraft cabin.

4. Do not bring large bags

in each flight, the airline will usually allow everyone to carry one bag to cabin that can be taken into the aircraft cabin. It is recommended you carry a bag that is not too big and fill all your needs and place it in the storage bag over your head. Avoid storing the bag under the seat in front of you as it will limit the movement of your feet during the trip.

5. Avoid this chair

there are a few seats on the plane to avoid if you want to sleep well during the trip. One is near the toilet seat, near the gallery stewardess, and an emergency window. These locations will often pass other passengers.

6. Bring a blanket

you will never know how the temperature inside the plane. Passengers also cannot always count on the airline to provide pillows and blankets for free. Even some of the budget airlines charge a fee for the facility. It does not hurt to equip them with a small blanket to add to your sleep soundly.

7. Sleeping mask

For those of you who are not comfortable sleeping cabins primarily to bright light, make sure you bring a sleeping mask in your bag. With a sleeping mask, it will be easier to fall asleep, especially when flying during the day. Other uses, you can avoid the strangers around you during the flight that sometimes makes you uncomfortable.

8. Do not be too full

before flying, it is suggested your stomach is not full and too full. If the glut, you’d be hard pressed to fall asleep in a sitting position. Better to eat a potluck before flying to make your stomach filled.

9. Slipping Pills

if all the above suggestions do not work for you, one of the most powerful ways to be able to fall asleep on a plane is taking any medications that can make you calm and asleep. In fact there are several types of medications that can help getting rid of the jet lag after long flight duration. Importantly, consult first with your doctor.