Greece has astonishing mixture of nature sites, cultural attractions and historical places. Wherever you decide to travel in Greece you will never feel bored and you will never feel tired. Greece has special energy, great food, nice people who are always smiling and beautiful places to visit. When you get to Greece get a car hire Greece and explore this amazing world on your own.

From north to south roads are excellent and you can head any direction you want. Start your journey in Thessaloniki and see for yourself that you can never get lost in that city. All roads are leading to the famous White Tower and beautiful harbor. Towns like Edessa and Kastoria in Macedonia, Komotini and Xanthi in Thrace and Metsovo and Ioannina in Epiros will offer you an enthralling mix of historical sites, traditional architecture and most welcoming locals. Car hire Greece can take you the wonderful Khalkidhiki or the tranquil Prespa Lakes which is the home of rare birds. The beaches in the north are equally beautiful as the one in the south and on the islands.

If you are up for some excellent summer festivals be sure to head to the Ardas in Thrace and Nestorio River in Macedonia. Mt Olympus is the highest peak of Greece and you can try to see if the ancient Greek Gods still live there. Get a car hire Greece and head to Parga, the stylish summer resort on Mediterranean Sea located just 200km from Thessaloniki.

With beautiful sandy beaches and excellent nightlife it is a great place to spend a holiday. Kassandra and Sithonia are two fingers of Khalkidhiki which attract great number of tourists during the summer but there is still some white stripes of sand to be found without crowds. Vergina is the place where Macedonian Kings were buried.