There are many reasons why many people all over the world want to visit China. The country, being one of the oldest civilizations in the world, opens new windows for visitors who would like to experience unique landscapes, architecture, customs and delicacies. 

You may want to visit different parts of China for various reasons, but you may want to take note of some pointers that would help you to be prepared and have a more pleasant experience while exploring the country. Here are some China travel tips that will help you. 

What to pack 

Making preparations for your trip to China regarding what you should bring is essential for an enjoyable trip. A pair of good walking shoes is absolutely essential, especially if you visit the main attractions as there is a lot of walking involved. The Great Wall of China, for example, has many rough surfaces and lots of steps. 

You will also be exposed to the elements in open places like the Forbidden City, so an umbrella or raincoat is essential. Insect repellent is also helpful in keeping the pests away during hot summer months. Most importantly, you should dress according to the weather conditions that apply to the specific time and place of your visit. 


If you are visiting different cities or regions during your trip, it is recommended that you spread your buys out such that you can purchase the unique products of each place. For example, Xinjiang is famous for carpets while Suzhou is well-known for its silk. Do feel free to bargain to get the best prices for your goods, except in malls and department stores.


China is a haven for food lovers with a taste for both the familiar and exotic. It is not uncommon to find dishes that make use of many different plant and animal parts, thus usually evoking a variety of reactions in foreigners. Every region has its own specialty dishes and different ways of cooking and preparing that will deliver a range of satisfying culinary experiences to the discerning gourmand. You are not required to tip, although a service charge may be included in some cases. 

Safety and security 

China as a whole is a safe country to visit, with many helpful and friendly locals. However do take precaution at night and in crowded places, so do carefully safeguard your belongings and valuables and keep them where they are visible. Be careful not to flaunt your jewelry or other indicators of wealth unnecessarily. Most importantly, do not fall prey to scams by keeping your wits about and not following strangers. 

How to get around on your own without getting lost 

If you are out exploring on your own, it is often a wise idea to bring along your hotel room card as the printed information of the hotel will help you to find your way back if you are lost. When taking a taxi to get around, do bear in mind that many taxi drivers do not know English. Hence it is advisable to get assistance in writing down the name of your destination in Chinese so that he knows where you are going.