As you begin to narrow down your possibilities, perhaps the hardest aspect what part of the country you’d like to focus on. French fashion, perfume, gastronomy and wine are famous all over the world, but you can’t fully comprehend them unless you visit first hand. Apart from the capital city of Paris, France has so much to offer, that it is impossible to experience it all in just a one or two week stay in a holiday cottage in France.

France’s coastal region offers you a wide range of choices from the jewel like waters of the Mediterranean to the powerful ocean waters of the Atlantic. As you travel from shore to shore you find a blend of vineyards, castles, and breath taking mansions that are unlike any in the world. Whichever of France’s spectacular landscapes you prefer, staying in a holiday cottage in France will transport you to another time and place.

In the north western part of the country is located the regions of Normandy and Brittany. Farms abound in both regions, and if you like cheese, then you’ll definitely enjoy a stay here. Normandy is well known for its coastal location, and unsurprisingly its seafood is second to none. The local cuisine promises to make your holiday cottage stay one of dining delight.The cheese and seafood alone will make your visit worth it, your taste buds will never forgive you when your return home! When driving through the landscape in these two regions, you can’t help but noticing the many orchards which dominate the countryside. Luckily the local restaurateurs will make sure that they make this wonderful cider available to you during meals.

If your tastes run to the more bucolic, be sure to look into holiday cottages in the green and fertile Loire Valley. The valley is a monument to the royalty and nobility of the 1500s with its castles, palaces, and royal gardens. In fact, based on the area’s importance in history it is designated as a World Heritage Site. For outstanding beauty and heritage, the Loire Valley is guaranteed to tick all the boxes when looking for a holiday cottage in France.

If you are one of the many people who loves learning more about wine, France’s vibrant vineyards are reason enough to holiday in the region, and find out for yourself why French wines are legendary. Famous wine growing regions include Bordeaux, Champagne and Cognac. From Bordeaux to Champagne, just look at the bottles and you will find the perfect destination for your holiday! When you choose to holiday in any of the wine regions, you’ll find a holiday cottage very near a vineyard.

For beaches that are ranked as among the best in the world, travel south to the Mediterranean shores. You will never find any beach resort areas as renown as those of Cannes, Nice, and Saint Tropez. This country is so varied, both in its countryside and its reputation, and you are certain to be able to find the perfect region to meet your criteria for the ideal holiday. Enjoy a beverage under the protection of a palm tree while enjoying your favorite cool drink. When you tire of just relaxing, walk just feet to the pure aquamarine of the seas and dive in. From the sublime beaches to the glitz of Parisian life, you will have all the choice you need when selecting experiences to enjoy while staying at your holiday cottage.