Often people will need to travel from one destination to another for several different reasons. Sometimes the best way to travel to that location is to travel using an airplane. Whether you are going to be travel for personal reasons or business reasons you will want to find the best travel deals to make sure that you pay for cheap air flights. There are several different ways to search for travel deals. It is possible to find cheap air flights by calling around to the airports and travel agencies to compare prices. You can also take advantage of the internet to find those deals.


There are many websites on the internet that you can use to find travel deals. While you can use any of theses website that you wish we are going to talk about Optifly which is highly recommended to individuals trying to find cheap air flights. Optifly is a very user friendly website. The website is completely free to use and can be invaluable when attempting to find those great travel deals. The website offers a tool which can help you quickly and easily find those cheap air flights. Now you will want to learn how to take advantage of the website’s features.


When you first visit Optifly you will notice the boxes on the left side of the page. To begin your search for cheap air flights you’ll want to enter your starting location in the Origin box. You can do this by entering the name of the city in which you wish to depart from. The website will automatically fill in the rest of the location for you include the state and the initials of the airport. Next you will want to do the same thing with the destination box. Begin typing in the city in which you want to travel to and the website should automatically help you with the rest.


After you have finished inserting this information you will want to click on the Search for Flights button. Once the button is clicked, you will be shown a map and a chart. The map will be marked with color coded lines. These lines represent the path of particular flight from your starting point to your ending point. The chart at the bottom will show you various pieces of information. The chart at the bottom is where you’ll be able to locate your travel deals.


The chart at the bottom will show you many different things including which color on the map represents which flight. You will also notice that the airlines in which is providing the flight will also be listed. The flight segment is also provided showing you the particular stops a flight will make before it reaches its targets destination. The middle box is the one you will use to find the travel deals. You can click on the little small yellow airplane to be taken to a website that will provide you with cheap air flights. If you want to find cheap air flights you need look no further than Optifly.