The best way to save on airfares is by making your plans as early as possible. You can avail of early bird discounts for tickets booked up to three months in advance. You always have more options to get a cheap fare if you are open to flying any airline on any given day and at any time.

Sometimes even the choice of airport makes a difference to the air fare. Smaller or secondary airports often have low cost airlines using these airports so their fares may often be lower than lager airports. For example, it is cheaper to fly to New York using Newark rather than JFK.

Planning in advance will also help you locate off season discounts and plan your travel around that time. This will also get you cheaper accommodation, car rentals etc. For instance, flying to Europe is cheaper between November and March as it is considered off season there at that time.

If it’s possible, time your trip around a holiday, such as Christmas or Thanksgiving Day. You’ll often find reduced rates and fewer travelers. Most people prefer traveling either the day before or the day after the holiday.

If you are a last-minute traveler, you are generally in no position to bargain. You end up paying the absolute highest airfares possible. Here’s a tip. Try contacting the vacation division of various airlines. Ask each airline if they have any vacation packages to your destination. You might just find an excellent deal on your airfare as well as a good hotel rate, even at the last minute.

When you speak to your travel agent or your airline doesn’t be afraid to get all the information on bargain fares. Ask if the fares would be different if you flew on a different day or at a different time. Check on any seasonal fares or promotional offers. Ask for their suggestions on how to get cheaper fares. Alternatively you can also check the fares on various online booking platforms like Go Airlines and Indian Airlines booking.

Always pay for air tickets through your credit card. In case you require a refund it is easier. In case the airline goes bankrupt you can get a refund on your ticket. In case you lose your ticket you can use the ticket number printed on your credit card statement. In case you lose your ticket no one can claim a cash refund on your ticket. A ticket bought using a credit card entitles you to insurance coverage. Use these tips to save money the next time you fly.