When it comes to travel deals, there are key things you want to know so you can get the best airline prices and discount airline tickets.

The first thing to understand is what certain travel terms mean, such as ‘high-peak’ ‘shoulder season and ‘off-peak’.

High peak is when certain cities and destinations experience a flurry of travelers and though travel deals can be difficult to procure, knowing where to look will help you book discount airline tickets. The goal is to do your due diligence and search for airline ticket prices at online travel agencies like CheapOair; a top online travel website offering year-round travel deals. Moreover, CheapOair offers consumers travel coupons and has over 18MM exclusive fares and a lowest fare guarantee. That being said, finding airline ticket prices with your budget is absolutely possible should you choose to travel during high peak season.

Shoulder season is when vacationers travel before or after high-peak and off-peak seasons. Travelers will absolutely be able to book discount airline tickets during this time because it’s not high-peak season. Travel deals will be plentiful and online travel agencies will offer great deals, so it’s an ideal time to book your travel. Another thing to consider is that when you vacation during this time, there aren’t as many tourists, so lines are shorter, cities are quieter and beaches, spas and resorts aren’t as full. For student travelers and family travelers, the shoulder season is a great time to consider booking travel deals.

Off-peak season is when discount airline tickets abound! Though seasonally, the weather at your chosen destination might not be pristine, the travel deals are outstanding and the savings are potentially mindboggling. Airline ticket prices drop. For example, if you’re traveling during high-peak season, airline ticket prices to ‘destination A’ might cost $400 whereas airline ticket prices to that same destination during off-peak season can be half the price or less. WOW—that’s a travel deal worth booking. The other benefits are that you’ll run into fewer tourists, so you’ll really have an opportunity to explore at your leisure without having to deal with other travelers. Again, for students and families, off-peak travel can be the most affordable. In addition to this, even if you’re engaging in romantic travel, singles travel or senior travel, you’ll save BIG on discount airline tickets.

When you’re ready to book discount airline tickets, remember, you can search, plan and book all of your travel needs on CheapOair — a site that caters to budget travelers during all seasons.