Holiday travel info for pregnant women are now available thanks to a travel agency that issued them as a result of an in flight delivery in November aboard a plane bound for Orlando from NY. Read this site if you want overseas health insurance information.

The holidays are closing in fast which is why many residents have mixed emotions on whether their travel plans should be changed or not. Although there is nothing wrong with traveling while pregnant if you are healthy discussing it with the doctor first never hurts. Arm yourself with nifty tips listed here to get ready for the big tour.

Between four and six months of pregnancy is perfect for expectant moms to entertain travel plans since they experience the least discomfort around this time. Mothers at this time have more pep and no longer experience morning sickness. These are the months women expecting have the least risk of contracting problems relating to pregnancy. Labor could set in too early while on a trip for women in their last trimester but it is also unwise to travel during the first trimester as there is a risk of miscarrying.

A history of miscarriage and delivering prematurely along with a pregnancy involving twins are all considered valid reasons to avoid travel while pregnant. Persisting with trip plans may lead to other complications like vaginal bleeding and elevated blood pressure. It makes huge sense to ask local healthcare providers regarding medical practitioners they can refer to pregnant women while away on a long vacation in a far off location.

A plane ride is not perceived as too risky for most women who are pregnant. A pregnant woman however should be through with all travel plans before she enters her last pregnancy month. The 36th week of pregnancy is the cutoff point for pregnant women who want to take a domestic plane just one week more than the one imposed by international airlines that wish to avoid delivering babies in flight.

The usual cabin pressure equivalent maintained by a commercial jetliner while cruising at elevated heights is between 5000 and 8000 feet above sea level. Healthy pregnant women experiencing mild decreases in blood oxygen levels owing to diminished air pressure are able to deal with it. Mildly anemic pregnant women on the other hand could notice her coordination being impaired or feeling faint but these are all occasional momentary symptoms.

Some pregnant women who are not anemic could also wind up experiencing heart rate and breathing pattern changes. Decreased cabin pressure can prove dangerous for pregnant women with sickle cell anemia or are severely anemic. If rescheduling the trip is impossible then make sure there is supplemental oxygen on hand for these pregnant women.

With some safety measures and extra care air travels for pregnant women are doable. Moving around while seated comfortably helps keep swollen legs and blood clots from happening. It would help to have an aisle seat so walking around for a few minutes each hour whenever airline staff say it is okay is easily done.

Before flying it would be best to keep away from foods causing intestinal discomfort. A pregnant woman on a flight can have a hard time dealing with intestinal gas expansion. Because low humidity in the aircraft can cause loss of body water, pregnant women should drink plenty of water and fruit juices. Someone who is pregnant and about to travel abroad needs to ask her physician about any vaccinations that she needs to receive and how safe they are.

A pregnant woman can always make her journey by car safe and comfortable. Just like air travel driving miles for hours on end could mean swollen lower extremities and an aching back. Pull over and walk around for a bit every 60 or so minutes to prevent such problems from happening. Pregnant women should always buckle up when in a car.

Vehicular accidents are the top cause of pregnancy deaths and not pregnancy complications. The unborn child and her expectant mom will be a lot safer if the lap belt is fastened lower than the hips of the mom and the shoulder harness high above her uterus. Holiday travels will not pose a problem given the above tips for pregnant travelers to make them truly unforgettable.