Did you feel regret because you have no time to spend with parents, did you have to imagine traveling with your parents to enjoy the family happiness, and did you want to give parents an unforgettable memory? Did you act?

Select a reasonable travel time

From April to June and from October to December period is the prime travel time for the elderly. At this time, whether south or north, the weather is not too hot or too cold. General weather conditions in such a comfortable travel, the elderly are not susceptible to diseases, and in these time periods, the elderly patients is not easy to attack in the season. As far as possible to avoid the tourist season and the Golden Week and other peak period to avoid a high density of people, two off-season trips to relatively favorable prices. Together with their parents travel time is the need for coordination.

Comfort of destination

Taking into account the characteristics of the elderly, travel arrangements should base on the principles of ease and safety , the time should not too long, not too many and too remote destination. It can be combined with the age and physical condition of the elderly to choosing destinations, such as between 50-70 years of age, physical condition of elderly people better, and more travel choice. In addition, travel with their parents, parents interested in as the starting point for consideration, while also taking into account the destination’s climate, geographical conditions, comfort and other factors. Than in rural areas such as city tour travel, mountain travel conditions are better, more suitable for the elderly to participate. If it is in Tibet, Qinghai high altitude travels, but also to advise the elderly within our capabilities.

Currently the most popular travel destination for the elderly generally has the following four: 1, natural scenery and pleasant climate, the coastal city.2, more cultural relics and historic cities. 3. Flourishing cities. 4. The beautiful landscape.

Rhythm to be more soothing

for the elderly, in the travel means to break the habits of waking up early on weekday and afternoon nap, to the elderly, it has always been a more difficult matter, and if those are too tight travel itinerary time line is too tight, it obviously is not suitable for the elderly to participate more, so the elderly cannot travel to come to “go a few places in the value of” psychological.

In addition, the elderly can get a visa to the embassy special care, such as applying for a U.S. visa; full 80-year-old can be interviewed on behalf of CITIC Bank’s free delivery service to the Visa Office and non-immigrant visa applications without the need to go to be signed in queue. Some airlines will launch a special discount for the elderly fare airlines offer various ways and to varying degrees, you may pay more attention.