Are you keen on partying and festive events? If so, we have got a great news for you. Our article will shortly brief you on occassions you simply can not miss out this year!

One of the greatest ways how to forget about pre-Easter blues is to buy some cheap flights (Munich – Galeao Antonio Carlos Jobim Airport or you can fly from any other bigger city in Germany e.g. with Condor), get your things packed and head out to mysterious Rio de Janiero to experience a Carnival festival held forty days before Easter. You will be taken by surprise at how colourful and musical that world on the other side of the globe can be. Catchy rhythms produced by local drumers, shiny and glittering costumes of dancing girls waving their hips in a traditional salsa dance and a whirling whisper of local night life will get you partying! If you don’t feel like going that far, no worries. Notting Hill Carnival in London can be as spectacular as the one in Rio. The only difference is that you would need to book a flights to London (e.g. with Ryanair, British Airways, Air France).

Or do you feel more attracted to the East? Great! Why not to check out the latest airfare deals to India? You can e.g. try to find some cheap flights among these: London – Bombay (British Airways), Helsinki – Delhi (Finnair), Berlin – Goa (Condor) or Amsterdam – Bombay (KLM). The reward (after 6 hours spent on the board of a plane) would be a unique atmosphere of Indian Happy Holi festival regularly taking place in the later part of February or March. It is connected to the god Krishna and it celebrates the triumph of good over bad. The way Indian people celebrate it usually consists of mixing coloured powder and water together in small plastic bags and throwing them at other people around which results in joyous experience of getting more or less smeared with garishly red, orange, blue and yellow colouring. And that time it might be the place where you learn what if feels like when people around just laugh and so the world…

Getting thirsty out of all these trips during the year? No wonder. That’s why we are coming up with a suggestion how to quench your thirst! Don’t miss out a traditional autumn Oktoberfest (the biggest beer festival in the whole world) held every year in Germany. Become one of the millions of people who raise their beer pots in Munich every year and feel the beer reunion:). So grab a few Euros or Pounds, your passport and get the cheap flights to Germany as the Germany itself will have been awaiting you!