The malfunctioning of your old baggage will be sure to happen sooner or later. It \’s just a matter of time. Pray that it does not happen while you are charging around in a crowded street or on a flight of stairs or while you\’re on track to catch a plane.

If your prayer has not been answered and an unfortunate incident does happen, take a deep breath and calm your nerves down. Have a calm mind and concentration to effectively deal with the malfunction of your baggage.

First, you must understand that your luggage needs to be retired off after many years of service. If you\’ve seen the phenomenon of spreading worn edges and were listening to the sounds of wailing metal for some time, it\’s time to put the poor luggage down.

These are the signs of baggage ready to die and needs to be put to rest soon. Do not wait for your luggage to play up while you are using it. If so, you may end up buying a brand new luggage at the airport for an exorbitant price or have to wrap your luggage in a plastic bag as a desperate measure.

Luggage malfunction occurs in many different ways and each case requires a unique solution. Here are some of the problems that may cause damage to baggage and a list of creative ways you can use in dealing with them.

Zippers that are open. This is a common problem, if you tend to over pack. Many travelers to save on the number of bags they need, tend to pack too much into a bag and the zip will weaken. By over packing the capacity of the bag, you will cause zipper over-stretching, and it will eventually break.

So if you do it often enough and you will get a broken zipper. If this happens and you do not have the luxury of time or money to buy a new bag, use packing tape to close bag. Wrap your luggage, horizontally and vertically. If you make a pretty solid job, It\’ll buy you enough time to get home without losing your bag or its contents.

Stuck handle. This applies to both new and old baggage. For some reason, mechanical, the retractable handle either fails to retract, or remains in an out position. If the handle can not be removed, you can use the handle that\’s fixed (not retractable) of the luggage and carry it with you. But if your luggage has got tires, you can then use an umbrella to take the place of the retractable handle socket and attach the J-shaped umbrella grip to the bags set handle.

Now, if the retractable handle is locked in a drawn out position, you should check your luggage in, because that protruding handle of your luggage may be too long to fit in the overhead compartment of the aircraft.

A tire missing. If your baggage lost a tire and there is no way to replace it, remove the tires. It is in order to restore the balance to rather lopsided luggage. Baggage will easily fall over and the final result will you bending over many times to pull it back upright. So you better keep it well balanced to prevent back pain later.

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