Stretch yourtravelbudgetfromthe beginningby saving on yourairfarediscounttraveldeals.Yourflights willprobably costyou lessif you traveloff season. You\’ll savemoneyon hotels and find fewercrowdstoo. Shoulder seasonsare best. The really “off”season may be too rainy or cold for you to enjoy yourholiday. You wantto savemoney… not be miserable.

Ifyou’regoingto visitseveral citiesconsiderflying withan “open jaw”ticket.It may costa little morefor the ticket itself, but you mightsavein timeand ground transportation costs;. If you’rerenting a car,drop off charges mightcancel any savings, so it couldbe betterto get backto the same airport. Do yourresearchto see which way you willget the bestdiscounttraveldeals

Once you’reat yourdestination, stretch yourtravelbudgetby using public transportation to and fromthe airport…taxis can be expensive. You can compare prices…if there are fourof you sharing the taxi, it mightbe a push or only a little moreand worth it.

Sharerentalcar expenses;. Rental carscan be a greatway to get out to the countryside,but theyadd a dailyexpenseto yourbudget.Cut thatdownby traveling;withothers. If fourof you are traveling;together,a car may be lessthanthe priceof fourtraintickets.

Try to avoidthe collision damagewaver charges on rentalcars. Generallyif you havea “gold”credit card, the credit cardcompanywillcoverthisinsurance. Checkwithyourcardcompanythough,becausecertain countiesare not includedin thiscovera;ge;. In thosecounties,the CDW willbe mandatory and should be includedin the pricedyou are quoted.

You don\’t wantto haveyourrentalcar in big cities. Those big citiesare a headache to drive in. To keep yourrentalcar safe,you needto parkin a garage,and parking;fees are expensive. Do yourcitytouring first. To savethe headaches and stretch yourtravelbudget, take trains;or busesbetween cities, thenpick up yourrentalcar for yourdrive in the countryside.

If you’regoingto stay only in cities, use the trainand local transportation. When you’retakingthe train, go second-class.The seats aren’tquite as cushy,but theyare comfortable enough for yourtrip,and you’llsavea bunch withthisdiscounttraveldeal.

When you’reusing the local subways and buses, considerhow manytripsyou’llbe takingon thattransportation…It mightbe worth whilebuying a transitcard… or at leasta booklet of ticketsfor a discount. If you’reonly goingto take one trip,just buy one ticket.No needto pay for transportation you won’tuse.

Walk aroundthe cityon yourown witha goodmap is a greatdiscounttraveltip,ratherthantakinga bus tour. Organizedwalking tourscan be a fun and inexpensive way to go. If you wantto arrange a tour, you mightdo betterarranging it throughthe tourist officeratherthanyourhotel.

You can stretch yourtravelbudgetif you are smart about how and when you travelto yourdestination. Takethe lessexpensive options to get aroundonce you’rethere.You\’ll be traveling;frugally, but having just as much fun.