In 2004, Newsweek featured an article about the best countries in the world. Instead of ranking each of the countries included, the magazine categorized them according to their unique offerings. Turkey came in as the best country to be young.

This is not to say that Turkey is not a place for the not-so-young. While housing establishments and activities that specially cater to youth, a lot of attractions in this country make young people out of everyone. One of such tourist spots is Datca, the unspoiled paradise that is nestled in one of the most tranquil spots in Turkey.

Datca, like Turkey itself, is a town of contrasts. While it showcases an exotic collection of fauna, it is home to one of world’s most astonishing manmade structures–the ruins of the ancient city Knidos. With the azure coves around, the whole place spells relaxation; but festive celebrations can be found here, too. One of which is the bull fight shows during the Datça-Knidos Culture and Art Festival.

We bet you’re salivating now in excitement but before booking for a flight to Datca, there are a few things you should keep in mind if you want to make your trip safe, comfortable and unforgettable. With help from travelers themselves, we have compiled a list of tips you should remember to better enjoy your trip to this Turkish paradise.

10. Bring at least one bathing suit.

Sure you have no plans to swim or scuba dive. But your plans might change once you see the lovely waters of the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea. From diving to sailing to wind surfing, you have a long list of water sports activities to choose from. Even if you’re hydrophobic, it won’t hurt to don your bathing suit for there’s nothing like getting a good tan under the calming warmth of the Turkish sun.

9. Achieve balance in Mesudiye.

During months when special celebrations are held in Datca, you’ll find that the peninsula can be a bit too crowdy. In such cases, you can seek refuge in Mesudiye, a small town you can conveniently find on the way to Knidos. While offering a more relaxing feel, this sanctuary houses small restaurants with great food and wine. Just be sure you get to experience the “dragon sitting in the sea” for it’s one of the things this town is unique for.

8. Forget rugs, go for silk.

Save the Persian rug shopping for later, as Datca is most famous for its silk. A lot of the handicrafts sold in the market are made of this premier material. Just a quick tip: there’s nothing like the headscarves made of special lace edgings.

7. Rent a bed and breakfast in Datca.

A whole day is surely not enough for a tour of Datca. That’s why it’s unlikely that you’ll get to rent just one hotel in this haven. We recommend you try one or more of the bed breakfasts in Datca, especially when you find yourself meeting the dusk on the road. Make sure, though, you get to try the bed and breakfasts near or in Eski Datca for they’re the most exotic in Turkey with the old stone houses around.

6. No matter how exhausted you are, climb the lighthouse!

Trust us, it’s worth the climb. You’ll thank yourself later once you see the breathtaking scenes not only of Knidos but of most parts of Datca.

5. Bring home some food.

Sure pictures are nice and could last a hundred years but there’s nothing like treating your taste buds for a longer exotic gastronomic experience. Raid the markets and get jars of those flavorful honey, almonds and olive oil.

4. Save Saturday for market day.

Shopping won’t exactly take a whole day but it won’t hurt to drop by early in the market. On this day you’ll find all sorts of handcrafts sold in the market as well as in boutiques and souvenir shops.

3. Wearing shorts and sandals is a no-no.

At least this is only true on the way to Knidos. No fees are actually involved but you might splurge on ointments later once you get yourself scratched with the thorns and brushes around.

2. An apple a day keeps starvation away.

A walking trip to Knidos is surely an adventure–even for your stomach. Better pack those sandwiches if you want to appreciate the grandeur of the ancient ruins at the end of the trip.

1. Watch the sunset in Knidos.

Don’t ever dare to leave Knidos without getting a taste of its sunset. This is one of the best effects of having Datca on the westernmost of Turkey.