The Philippines with its thousands of islands, friendly people, and quality Spanish and American influences is one of the more convenient travel destinations in Asia. The ensuing is a collection of tips when traveling to the Philippines:

1. The weather is tropical and the air can be humid. Rainy months are on May to October additonally dry cycles are from November to April. Bring appropriate attire depending on the month you are visiting.

2. The people are warm and friendly and English is spoken by majority of the populace. Filipinos are normally conservative in this views and demeanor.

3. The right expected places to visit are outside of Metro Manila. Before travelling to the provinces, allocate enough phase to get back to the international airports where you will be flying out.

4. Most tourist towns have guides, and it is recommended to tour with guides especially when visiting rural areas.

5. Keep valuables in secure places. As in on other important populations in the world, big cities like Manila and Cebu undergo their fair share of pickpockets.

6. Credit cards are accepted principally in vital establishments. Most souvenir shops, significantly in malls, are able to only be able to accept cash.

7. When exchanging currency, look for authorized money changers in malls and airports or go to the banks. When visiting rural areas, plan how much currency is needed since these places may not have just accessible money changers.

8. Tipping is keen for services rendered at hotels and restaurants. Taxis expect tips of P20 for fares less than P300.

9. Insect repellants are a must. Malaria infested mosquitos are common in a lot of places.

10. Stick to bottled / canned drinks. Avoid buying drinks and food from street vendors.

11. The metric system is used, and temperature is taken into account in Centigrade. Electric outlets inventory 220V as input. This can damage electric appliances from countries where AC input is 110V.

12. Tourist information and assistance are readily available in Department of Tourism’s offices or government halls across the country.