Palace on Wheels is the first luxury train of India that shows a charming sight of royalty and luxury. This luxury train began in the year 1982 on India’s Republic Day exemplifies India’s rich heritage and gives luxury of passing the life as a royalty for a week. If you want to visit on a royal train, the Palace on Wheels is extraordinary option which is one of the most sought after and famous trains for luxury trip. For Rajasthan train tour, you can get on palace on wheels for exploring the beauty of Rajasthan and get a great experience in this state. The most beautiful and charming train, palace on wheels takes its tourists to some of mesmerizing states of India especially that city which is the royal in a majestic way that is none other than Rajasthan. On this royal train you can get a great experience of your trip and feel pleasure from the generosity, royalty and luxury of the previous time of Raja-Maharajas.

With Palace on Wheels tourist can travel around some of the bewitching cities of Rajasthan that is a culturally rich state of India. The most beautiful and lucrative state of Rajasthan has great tourism attractions that attract all the visitors from all over the world and leave the tourists captivated. Here, tourist can find a number of tourists’ attractions in Rajasthan such as the splendid palaces, impressive havelis, ancient forts and monuments, heritage hotels, fairs & festivals which make its visitors spellbound. This all can be experienced by opted for Rajasthan train tour.

The train is also stuffed with events for amusement to battle uniformity while traveling from long hours in the train. The sprawl and bar are ideal associate sectors appropriate for taking pleasure in the most preferred of spirits of countrywide and worldwide brands after a daylong tourism Rajasthan train tour in the county. People are willing to travel India in magnificent way and want to get pleasure from a happy and comfy trip though out are adequate flawlessly as they choose a India for spending