Cashel’s rich history is reflected in its built heritage, from prehistoric raths to mediaeval monasteries and fortified town houses, a Georgian Cathedral and a 21st century Library (which holds regular exhibitions, workshops and concerts). The Georgian quarter also boasts the Bolton Library where you can find the smallest book in Ireland.

If you would like to stay overnight we have a range of accommodation from the sumptuous Cashel Palace Hotel, to a range of family friendly B&Bs and welcoming hostels for the adventurous budget traveller. All this within walking distance of the Town Plaza, the vibrant hub of downtown Cashel. Cashel’s Victorian town centre is a thriving retail zone, with excellent clothes shops, lively cafes, charming gift shops, pubs oozing with old charm and food retailers offering delicious artisan fare.

The Cashel Chamber of Commerce and our partners in the Cashel Heritage Trust and the Cashel Urban District Council welcomes you to Cashel and hopes that you have a great time here, whether you stay for an hour or a life time.

The most important attraction for tourists of the town of Cashel is the Rock. The Rock rises above the town and the surroundings, as the only elevated place in miles around.

The Rock is not just a rock. The Rock of  Cashel used to be a royal center. In the early years this building was first used as an assembly place for kings and then years after it was used by the church and that is why a cathedral and a chapel were built there. 

The priests’ house still has a roof, but of the cathedral and the chapel nothing more than richly decorated walls are left. The round tower, however, is one of the best conserved ones in Ireland (haven’t we heard this before?).

Close to the Rock you can see Hore Abbey, and there is another one at the town center, named Dominic´s Abbey and was founded in 1243.

Furthermore, Cashel has  two churches: the protestant and the Catholic are still used by the  people of Cashel everyday for mass.