Columbus is an oft-visited city in Ohio. Tourists love it here because of the many attractions and activities. When going on a trip to Columbus, there are things you need to consider to ensure your safety.

Columbus is the capital of Ohio. It is also Ohio’s most populous and largest city. It is Franklin County’s county seat and situated along the state’s geographic center even though most of its parts extend to Fairfield and Delaware.

Its name commemorates the great explorer, Christopher Columbus. He founded the city in the year 1812, by the Olentangy and Scioto rivers. In the year 1816, it assumed all the functions and responsibilities of the state capital.

Based on statistics, the city is noted to have a very diverse economy, being home to the largest university in the US, the Ohio State University. In fact, it is even noted by Money Magazine as the US’ 8th largest city and a duly recognized emerging “global city”.Columbusite is the term given to the residents.

It is ranked as the 15th largest city in the country in terms of population with a total of about 747,755 residents. Aside from this, the name “Columbus” is also referred to as the Columbus Metropolitan Area, noted to include many other municipalities.

It is a favorite vacation destination of many tourists. Columbus has so many things to offer. There are also factors and things you need to consider prior and during your stay in Columbus, Ohio, namely;
Just like in taking any other vacation trips, make sure that you inform at least 2 persons you know about your travel plans, your arrival and departure dates as well as your hotel details.

Make certain that you have undergone the necessary vaccinations.
Check for the validity and current standing of your passport as well as with the required visa.

Make a list of your traveler’s checks. Photocopy your important travel documents. This would include your airline and various other tickets, your visa, passport as well as vaccination records. Make sure you leave a copy at home but have another copy in your suitcase and luggage.

Only carry a minimum cash amount. It is also wise to make use of credit cards and travelers checks whenever possible. Thus, do not countersign your travelers checks until the time you will be using them already.
Never put your documents, valuables or money in your check-in luggage.

Do not leave your valuables, documents or money inside your room. Make sure you either put them inside a safety deposit box or take them with you.

Do not leave your valuables, documents or money in an unattended vehicle. The other personal baggage you may need should be left inside and enclosed and locked storage area.

Allow lots of time for arrival at your departure point via your designated check-in time.

By the time you check-in, you need to immediately go through security. Never linger in public sections in the airport.

Do not leave your baggage and suitcases unattended.

If ever you lose your luggage or it gets damaged, immediately report this to the airline staff. Thus, request for a written report prior to leaving the airport.

Make sure you have set a duty free allowance.
If you will be going away to your holiday destination, consider leaving your radio or television on low inside your hotel/resort room so that nobody will think no one is there.

Do not leave your room keys lying around; make sure you take it with you.
Confirm the identity of the person knocking on your door before answering it. This is especially if you are not really expecting anybody. You can always check with the reception desk regarding this. If the person looks suspicious, call security 1st before opening the door.