If a lot of things can happen and go wrong, so after a few simple rules can prevent many problems meeting other travelers on the road. Ok, sometimes problems occur, but can be prevented in the first place, the journey can be less stressful than the end of May in place of their own pocket. Nobody wants to spend time in a police station, while you leave on vacation, let alone too much anxiety. It is easy to watch when on holiday and have fun, but it is when they are particularly vulnerable to travel safely on the common sense to guide you.

Nature did us all a very effective means for survival in unknown circumstances, we speak of instinct and learn to trust him. Always be cautious about traveling with all your documents and money if only to go into town to see the sights and meals. Simply always what) you need for the day and safely store the remainder (essential travel documents and cash in the room or safe. A simple thing to do to protect your money is not easy to carry all at once or leave him alone in one easy place in which a thief can steal everything fairly.

As an additional measure, if you are unsure of the move methods, carrying out credit cards from different accounts, if you have a theft or lose, only fall back for seconds. In recent years have perfected the art of Thieves steal handbags and cameras to tape, but if you take the strap to the head and chest, the more difficult to cut without a band. When you leave you must be on the sidewalk as motorcycles and cars can not drive here and if you hang a bag or camera from his shoulder off the road is not so simple. We have all about the fraud that different people have fallen into the truth is read that people are still for this because the fraudsters are professionals and well.

This complacency can cause problems, because these people do these things live, but only a little more attention could make it much harder for them, what is not theirs. A small backpack can be a good idea because it can be secured with a small padlock which although not prevent, the thief intended to prevent slowly and surely, most who try their luck. To preserve your security code, why do not you buy one of these climbers and small chains attached to a belt or bag, because it is inconvenient, by trying to abolish them. Men and women lose their wallets for men are in their back pocket wallets and women who open their wallets, making it easier for men to change their place to keep your portfolio and women in order to ensure that your case is closed. There is absolutely no reason it should not go on holiday safe in the situation, and have a carefree, fun just sticking points mentioned here and use your common sense at all times.