Summer Dog Travel Tips

Summer is the peak time of year where families take vacations are concerned as their children are usually out of school.  Although many families who have dogs will either entrust the care of the animal to their friends or put them in a kennel while they are gone, there are just as many (if not more) that will take their pets with them.  After all, your dog is a family member.  If you are planning a vacation and taking your pooch with you, here are a few summer dog travel tips to consider.

Bring the food and water that they typically consume with you – the food is obvious but you might question the water part of the equation.  Just remember, your dog is used to the water at home because you trust it enough to not be harmful to their health.

Make sure that the lodging you are staying at allows dogs – even some campgrounds today do not allow dogs so you want to be sure that no matter where you are staying while vacationing that your pooch will be welcome. Have soft dog carriers and round dog beds to make sure your pet is as comfortable as you are.

Pack your dog’s leash – this is just common sense since you don’t want your dog to run free in unfamiliar territory – that and there are always dog leash laws in effect in most areas.

A few toys wouldn’t hurt – make sure that you bring a few of your dog’s favorite toys because they will need to be occupied at times when they are locked up in the motel with you for the night.

Make a first aid kit for your dog and don’t forget to take it – you might be able to buy one at a pet supply store or veterinary outlet that’s reasonably priced.

Cover your car seats – it’s not only a matter of protecting your dog from the intense heat when they re-enter the vehicle after it has been parked in the sun for a bit.  It also saves you a lot of clean-up time because the hair they shed won’t be all over your seats. It is best to have Dog Hammock or Seat Cover and dog seat belts to ensure safety of your pet.

Hit the rest stops whenever you can – if you’re on a long trip and are driving hundreds of miles per day, then make sure that you stop often to let your dog go to the bathroom and stretch their legs (especially if they are older dogs).  Additionally, you want to consider taking a cooler packed with enough drinks, foods, and snacks, and then packing lunches each day of the trip so that when you make your midday stop for the dog, you use the stops to eat your lunches.