Many travel destinations in Thailand are highly suitable if you are planning to have a quality vacation trip on an exotic land. Several wonderful Thai islands would definitely fit your getaway requirements as well as popular tourist attractions to satisfy your adventurous spirit. The northern part of Thailand is an excellent spot for nature trekking with its magnificent scenes of mountains and different types of animals and plants inhabiting the region. Travelers who want to have a relaxing sun bathing experience can go to a beach holiday in the shores of Phuket, Hua Hin, Koh Samui or Pattaya. You may find hotel accommodations available in the region specifically placed to cater the needs of the visitors. Thailand is complete with exciting places to visit. You may want to check out some websites on the Internet to determine which of the tourist destinations are fitting to your vacation preferences.

As the capital of the country, Bangkok thrives with famous tourist spots such as the well-preserved Buddhist temples. Almost all visitors traveling to Thailand spend some of their vacation days staying in Bangkok. Even though the air pollution and bad traffic situation in the vicinity could not be very pleasing to its tourists, the place still receives an excellent number of visitors for its spectacular shopping district as well as the famous floating markets.

Phuket is also one of the major places that tourists are aiming to go on a vacation. In fact, this largest island in Thailand has attracted many visitors to spend their summer getaway on its wide variety of beach resorts. The white sand beaches of Phuket have been some of the most sought places to go in order to experience a revitalizing beach experience. Phuket not only has great shores but also has excellent nightlife. Visitors coming to Thailand never fail to notice the liveliness of Phuket bars as wells as the entertainment provided by tourist attractions such as the Phuket Fantasea Show and Simon Cabaret Show.

Aside from Phuket, there are other alternatives for beach resorts in Thailand such as Pattaya and Samui. Pattaya is the closest beach area to central Bangkok, which makes it the most accessible summer place for Bangkok residents and visitors. Even though its beaches are not as excellent as the beaches of Samui and Phuket, visitors visit the location for its active nightlife. For tourists who want to have a great night party experience, the beer bars and other Pattaya nightlife places provide a lively environment for partygoers to try out. Moreover, Samui is another great place to find excellent beach areas. You may even want to try participating on several beach activities such as water sports and boat rides. The most popular beaches to discover in this region include Lamai Beach, Big Buddha Beach and Chaweng Beach.

Aside from the popular beaches of Thailand, you may also want to have an adventurous hike on the mountains of Chiang Mai. You may want to explore the culture of Thai tribes as well as participating in exciting events such as rafting and elephant riding. If you want to have a great time on your visit to Chiang Mai, make sure you schedule your travel with the Song Kran or Thailand’s New Year celebration.