Contemporary civilization attaches great importance to time, logistics and quality of travel. In the world there are certain standards in the field of travel. In Poland, it is starting to be noticeable.

However, air transport had a major impact after events of September 11, 2001, that is an attack on the World Trade Center in New York. Transportation to the airport in Krakow and transfer to the airport in Katowice are inextricably linked with these events and the safety requirements currently used at airports. You can even confidently risk saying that travel before 11 September 2001 and travel after 11 September 2001 is an entirely different worlds. Today in a world dominated by terrorism and the rigors of high security hard to imagine some people’s behavior prior to September 11, 2001. The man then chose to travel almost as if getting into a taxi and drove to another neighborhood or going to the cinema at the other end of town. It was not as thorough check baggage at airports. The body scanners then no one has thought and thought is an idea borrowed from science fiction stories.

At the beginning of second decade of the twenty-first century, body scanners are slowly becoming an important element of security at many airports. The principle of the body scanners, is based on millimeter wave technology. It allows you to visualize what is underneath passengers’ clothing. Of course, the use of body scanners still raises ethical controversies. That’s understandable. Especially in some countries in Europe, the resistance against the use of scanners is resolute. But probably in a few starts to gradually change, and people begin to slowly accept the cruel truth that the more security is greater constraints.

Security for such services as transportation to the airport in Krakow, transportation to the airport in Katowice, transport from / to Krakow or Krakow Salt Mine tour should be a priority not only for airports, but also travel agents or transportation companies.