During hard times, people work hard. Every cent becomes a treasure, its value more cherished. But in spite of all the hardships and challenges that we face today, people who work harder are more inclined to face the truth that all work and no play is not really healthy. For the hard worker and smart traveler, finding travel deals is simply a must – like finding the best investment vehicle for their hard earned money. If you feel that a little R&R is essential to productivity, here are quick tips on finding travel deals online.

Subscribe. Most travelers who are quite new to finding travel deal online choose to do the obvious: Compare thousands of traveling perks offered in over a dozen websites.

Sure you get to scan everything and make sure that you don’t miss the best travel deals but here’s one serious food for the thought: Is it really productive and healthy to just do it? “Expert” bargain hunters do not think so. The best strategy: Signing up to travel deal newsletters. These up-to-date and never-miss-a-beat travel deal newsletters allow you to know the best market offerings that only the early birds can avail. Usually, these travel deal newsletters not only bring updated information but really exclusive offers that are really too great to be missed. And the best thing is that all these pieces of information are delivered straight to your inbox for free!

Take note. As we age, we start to realize that your memory do fail you – a lot. So make sure that once you find something interesting and tempting in the newsletter, immediately grab a pen and paper and take note of it. Then, when you have decided that you want that on your itinerary, google it for its official website. Check out other freebies and information that can help you make your travel more comfortable and relaxing.

Choose for a seamless traveling. Spontaneous travelers think that the best way to explore a foreign country is to just be, well,itinerary-free traveling. Once they booked their flight, they say, “Let’s find whatever is worth finding.” But most people find this practice too relaxed and, well, too scary for first-timers. The best way to have a comfortable and relaxing travel is to just plan everything ahead. And this includes finding the best travel deals: From the airfare to the hotel you want to stay in. Make sure that you have booked everything so your travel will flow smoothly, from the moment your plane lands to the moment you say, “See you next time”.