Travel Agents have been helping travellers plan their vacations and trips for decades. With the invention of internet, where the information is available 24 hours a day for you to search for any destination one wishes to travel to. The number of people using online services is growing. This has resulted in a change in the view of the convenience of traditional agencies.

According to a consumer poll, online travel agencies have cheaper rates, are the easiest to use and offer all the relevant information. However, finding the right travel agency with genuine market standing is the key word. But still there are various travel agencies which are still going strong and many times beating the prices of online competition. Plus Travel Agents are happy to help you with your travel arrangements including inception of ideas and thorough planning. Agents usually have extended hours when they’re home-based, making it more convenient to get in touch with them. And often, agents will come right to your home equipped with their laptop and brochures.

Travel Agents have the most up-to-date information about specials, promotions and rates. Because they are the professionals in the industry, they are notified first of all current special rates and promotions stemming from airlines to tour companies to hotel deals. Earlier the travel agents used to provide free services to their customers, however with the changing times now they charge a small about of commission for the same. Travel agents work as agents for airlines, hotels, rental car companies, etc.

The agencies worked on a commission basis from these suppliers. Instead of spending your precious time searching the internet, going from website to website, comparing prices, itineraries, hotels and destinations, you can make just one call and have a Travel Agent do all the planning. The personalized service you receive provides peace-of-mind whether you purchase an air ticket or an entire travel package. A travel agent is ready to answer any and all questions. Travel agents are trained travel professionals who can do all the research, coordinate all the logistics, and put together a complete itinerary for your trip in a fraction of the time. The benefits of using a professional travel agent far outweigh the risks of not using an agent.