You may be going on a well deserved vacation with your family or planning a honeymoon trip to an exotic locale. While discovering a new destination may seem exciting, keep in a mind a little bit of preparation can make your getaway all the more special.

Here are some travel tips that can minimize any unpleasant circumstances that may arise when you are not familiar with the country you are travelling to.

Be familiar with the culture and traditions of your destination

East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet. Rudyard Kipling’s views may not seem entirely true with the world becoming a global village. There are, however, still differences that must be taken into consideration.

It is better to be acquainted with the culture and traditions of the country you are visiting. For example, you may be travelling to Bali, a country equally well-known for its beautiful landscapes and temples as it is for its warm people. However, keep in mind that you must be suitably dressed to enter a temple. If you go wearing shorts, you may not be allowed to enter. Keeping into consideration facts such as this can make all the difference to your visit.

General information about your destination

Weather: This will help you decide what you have to pack for the journey and stay.

Currency: No travel trip is complete without shopping and bringing back souvenirs. So it is important to be familiar with the currency, notes and coins and their denominations.

Cost of local items: This will help you plan your budget and also give you a rough idea of the costs so that you are not taken for a ride when you go for your shopping expedition.

Booking accommodation: Book your accommodation well in advance. This is especially important if you are travelling during the high season and you may find it difficult to get a hotel or guesthouse within your budget.

Dealing with language problems: Be familiar with common words and phrases to make going around easier. Then again, when commuting from one place to another, do write down the destination and your hotel address in the local language, otherwise the taxi drivers may not understand where you want to go.

Paperwork and documents: Know all the documents that are required for travelling to a particular country and ensure all your paperwork is complete so that you don’t face hassles once you reach the place.

Practical necessities

Make two copies of your passport. Keep them in separate places, for example, you can leave one copy in your room and keep another with your friend. Should your passport be lost or stolen, you can use the copy to exit the country or use it to facilitate the replacement process.

Email yourself all the important information such as credit card numbers, passport number, your driving license details etc. and anything else that could be of importance if an emergency arises.

Finally, run a final checklist before starting your journey. You should have the following: Passport, tickets, car rental and hotel reservation receipts/agreements, credit cards, medications or prescriptions, if required, addresses, password and any other important information that you may need. If everything is in order, you are all set for a smooth journey abroad.