With the onset of winter, a lot of people start planning for a special outing for their family. Arranging a family picnic around this time of the year is a great idea as the New Year has just arrived and along with it came the picnic season. The person who organizes the picnic might feel confused before taking the responsibility. Here are a few tips for them to plan an easy picnic:

  • Budget: The first thing that you are required to do is prepare a budget for the picnic. Include the expenses on the food, beverages, venue etc. in it.
  • Venue: The venue should be decided much earlier than the D-day. A clean and green place is preferred. Some of you may also feel like holding it at a friend’s farmhouse; in such cases, inform the owner about the picnic beforehand.
  • Invitations: Prepare a list of people who you are going to invite for the picnic. After finishing, check and recheck it to see whether you have missed out on someone.
  • Food: It is best to have cooked food in outings. Include Sandwiches, salads, pasta and fruits in your list. You can also set a barbecue session and prepare some lip-smacking roasted chicken or the Christmas special, turkey.
  • Special arrangements: The organizer must make some special arrangements to make the picnic more enjoyable. Arrange for some picnic games and karaoke performances for everyone especially the kids. picnics are incomplete without music and dance so don’t forget to take your music system and your favourite CDs.

Picnics are special and throughout the whole year we wait for such gatherings. Picnics, especially those which are held around the New Year’s time, are something that we hate to miss. Therefore, if you are asked to arrange for a family picnic, don’t get confused, follow the above tips and enjoy a memorable outing with your loved ones.