Explore the past history of mankind is firm and long-lasting and unremitting, is deep and broad, voluminous historical data is proof. However, in China thousands of years into history, there is a holy place has not been well developed, the Holy Land is the final resting place of human land: the grave. Really ignore the human piece of land? No, the culture dictates. China has a very comprehensive system and funeral burial rituals, but in China’s culture, the soul after death is sacred, but also have some mysterious power of the spirits must be kept at a distance. Remote from the sage Confucius to the squire, from kings and ministers to ordinary people, the worship of spirits and the soul is a natural, as if born to rooted in their blood. In fact, the Chinese ancestors graves, the bones of their loved ones, more than anything else the gods, are sacred and never allow a shred of disrespect and blasphemy.

Alas, the long embrace humor in the human history of Quest textual activities of the emergence of a very ugly phenomenon, which is the Tomb. Tomb of the reason why the ugly, for three reasons: First, disturbed the dead, and relatives of the dead abuses and violations of human dignity; the second is damage to antiquities, is a grave among the buried objects and ruthless plundering of the unprecedented calamity; third is damage remains, is the remains of different periods of civilization and the wanton destruction of the wanton damage. The most frightening is that in the Tomb of human activities over and over again among the ugly, actually had a chilling Jianshi phenomenon!
In China, the official history of being officially recognized, the Tomb of the records is not absolute in the book, the description on the Jianshi are endless. Jianshi most shocking event, than the Western Han Dynasty Red Eyebrows, the first Chinese military farmers Queen Lvzhi raped corpse!

This thrilling event, recorded in the “Biography of the Later Han Liu pot” in: Red Eyebrows Army of the Western Han Dynasty peasant rebel army, they covet possessions wherever he went, looting. Looted the capital after the rebels set fire to the palace, left. They came mighty suburbs, the heyday of troops and horses, known as million, sonic booms across the fields. Take the imperial Liu basin cars, driving three horses, vertical and horizontal Benz, hundreds Jingji followed behind. They went straight from the Nanshan cities, in suburbs and Geng Shi Yan Chun generals battled littered with corpses, and finally, defeated Yan Chun.

They occupied the stability, the North came to Yangcheng, a sudden, heavy snow, wind assassination bone, ice and snow, many of the rebels in the snow froze to death. Their eyes were blood red and filled with hatred, the mighty suburbs back to the Mausoleum, frantically digging the emperor, empress tombs. They were surprised to find the bodies of the Han emperor Queen Lvzhi by Yu Xia Zhuanglian, jewelry such as mountains, bodies of fresh, such as health. Rebel crazy together, they one by one the bodies of adultery Lvzhi.