When it comes to travelling then everybody want to make it full of joy. No matter, if you are travelling to some domestic destination or international destination; it can be really memorable if you take care of top 10 travel tips for travelling in flight. You should be aware that you are not travelling alone and with other people. So have concern for your and their comfort when travelling. Here is mentioned top 10 travel tips for travelling in flight which can make your journey smooth and comfortable-

1.Travelling long distances can be uncomfortable for your back. So provide good back support.

2.Make sure you move once in a while travelling in a flight. Stretch your legs. If in an economy class, take a slow walk after getting out of your seat.

3.When travelling with kids, talk to them before travelling and what to expect when in a flight.

4.Do not listen to scary airline catastrophes before you start for travelling as it may affect you during travel with unpleasant feeling.

5.Have patience and take travelling as nice break from routine. Take enough time to travel to airport and just relax.

6.Try to keep yourself busy during flight. If you have work to do on your laptop then do it since you will not be disturbed by the phone calls or other people now on the flight.

7.It is recommended to eat healthy foods before travelling. You can bring healthy snacks with you as you get less food served on the airplane nowadays.

8.Sleeping is the best way to travel faster. Go ahead and catch up on that much needed sleep!

9.Keep yourself hydrated during the flight. Drink lots of water.

10.    You need to swallow often during take-off and landing as it equilibrates the pressure in your ears and will make you more comfortable.

With some simple and handy tips, have fun while travelling in a flight.