Are you pregnant and don’t you know if and how you can fly? Don’t let stop your little sweetheart stop you from travelling. Here are some tips and advice that can help you prepare for your flight with minimal fuss.

First question that could possibly come to your mind is whether you need a doctor’s note or not. If your pregnancy is progressing normally you don’t need any special doctor’s note for the most of flights. However, it is always better if you let the airlinesknow that you are pregnant during your booking. Airline’s stuff may give you extra attention.

Even if your pregnancy has a normal behaviour you’d rather consult your health condition with your doctor. He or she will tell your whether you may travel by air. It is not recommended to take your flight in the final month of pregnancy and also the first week after delivery.

Many pregnant women ask whether it is safe to take a control through airport metal detectors. These machines are not x-ray machines and won’t harm you or your baby.

Several general tips may also be quite useful – when you are travelling with scheduled or low cost airlines you should wear layered and comfortable clothes, compression stockings that can help to facilitate blood circulation. Try to avoid crossing your legs.

Book an aisle seat so that you can walk around from time to time. Try to drink often (but don’t drink carbonated beverages). Make your flight more comfortable – attach your seat belt below the abdomen, low on the pelvis.

Don’t hesitate, enjoy airfare deals, book flights and discover new places even during pregnancy!