Traveling can be part of stressful process, although it is supposed to be fun and relaxing. Many things can go wrong during your trip, and if you’re a frequent traveler, you’d know what I mean.

So here are some quick tips to make your vacation a perfect one.

Statistics show that on 99% of flights, baggage tends to be either lost or delayed. So if there something really important in your baggage, make sure you take it out and put it in your carry-on suitcase instead. These could include items that are either precious,expensive or irreplaceable. Also, going through airport security will be much faster if you pack your carry-on luggage well.

If the situation arises where you either lose your baggage or have them delayed, make sure you have your hotel information with you at all times. Never put these documents in your main suitcase. Before you leave your house, have a printed copy of your hotel receipts, address as well as phone number just in case. Better still, input these details into your cell phone as well, that way you’ll always have a backup.

Once you get off your flight, hold on to your boarding pass. Most people ditch the passes as soon as they get out of the airport, and this is a big mistake. Your boarding pass can act as proof of travel in case you need to claim insurance on any broken or lost items from your package. This proof of purchase can also help with claiming frequent flyer points just in case you do not get credited properly.

While standing at the baggage collection area, you can see just how many suitcases look identical to one another. Make your baggage stand out from the rest and let them be more identifiable to you as well as others. Many people who are in a rush tend to grab their suitcases without checking twice, and they might just be grabbing yours by mistake. Be unique with your luggage. A good trick is to tie a colorful ribbon around the handle of your luggage, or maybe even plastering it with large and colorful stickers.

Finally, you should always remember your flight number by heart. This comes in extremely useful especially when you travel to Asian or European countries where English is not the first language. This will just make your life a lot easier when trying to find your boarding gate in foreign airports.

Hopefully these tips have been helpful to you and will guide you through a fun and safe journey, there and back.