Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and is often the premier destination for Europe’s elite. Many celebrities such as Julia Roberts and Sting go to Sardinia for relaxation and seclusion. Travel to Sardinia is not difficult, as there are three international airports on the island. You can also travel to Sardinia by ferry or ship, as well.  

Once you have arrived, you’ll need to make some choices concerning your transportation around the island. Many of the hotels offer shuttle service from the airports to the hotel. When you travel to Sardinia, make sure you inquire if this service is available. There are also car rentals available in every airport and in some of the towns.  

You can get around Sardinia by train and bus, but not very quickly. It is definitely worth the money to rent a car. There are also many enchanting, remote areas to visit on the island and it could take you quite awhile to get there by commercial transportation means.  

Unlike Italy, travel to Sardinia and on the island is not as dangerous as you might expect. Traffic moves much slower here due to the narrow, winding roads. These roads are quite often deserted, so when a driver meets another vehicle, it could be quite unexpected.

If you want to find the best deals on travel to Sardinia, here are some tips to help locate great savings:

1. Plan Your Vacation Ahead of Time: It is a well known fact that the farther in advance you plan your trip, the lower the cost. So pick your dates as soon as you are able to. Travel to Sardinia can be somewhat expensive if you wait to the last minute to book your airfare.

2. Buy a Vacation Package: Many of the online travel sites can give you great deals on travel to Sardinia when you book a complete package. You can include airfare and accommodations, as well as excursions for diving and sightseeing.  

3. Call the Airlines Directly: Occasionally you can find a better deal when you call the airline than if you go through a travel website or agent. However, most of the travel sites and agencies reserve blocks of seats, which is how they get the best rates.

4. Travel Mid-Week: When you travel to Sardinia during the middle of the week, you could end up saving hundreds of dollars in airfare. Most of the cheapest airfare is available on Tuesday and Wednesday. While this is the best time to travel to Sardinia, they are also the best days to book your reservation.

5. Make Use of Those Travel Rewards: Why let your frequent flyer miles expire? Use them to grab up an airline ticket for free or to purchase a reduced companion fare. Many restrictions usually apply to these types of tickets, so be sure you read the fine print.

6. Check with Specialty Charters: Many charter services are available for Mediterranean destinations. If you are looking for deals at the last minutes, this may be your best bet. Most of the time, these charter companies have already purchased a block of tickets. If it is close to the departure date, you may be able to get a ticket at a really reduced rate. The charter companies would rather make a little money on a ticket than lose the fare altogether.  

Tickets for travel to Sardinia do not need to break your bank. Nor do you need to take second class accommodations or travel options. It simply takes planning and a little research to find the best deals available.