Today, as the modern life is getting intensive in attacking the mind of human, it creates a lot of changes in the mind of human. Long time ago after graduating from university we will feel that it is going to be very easier for us to get a job from very big and famous company. Yet, the modern leads us into something that is more complicated. It is not going to be very easy for us to get a job since many people are also graduating from the same major like our background. Even, the competition in getting the job is getting tighter. Knowing this, there is only one way to get ourselves above to earn some money for our living. It is opening our own business that will give the best chance to not only opening our mind get the best thing for us to earn some money but also to gain the best strategy in conquering the economic condition that somewhat not the friendly one for us. Below is one of many best solutions for business tips that can be done in very high pressure of competition in the very unstable economic condition like nowadays.

One the best business that can be done today is about car rental business. Car rental business is a business that offers car rental services to those in need, both individuals, and companies. Tenants are not responsible for the maintenance car, but you – as the owner – are very interested in the conditions of your car rental. Therefore, the key to success of the car rental business is keeping the car maintenance costs for the always lower one for one of the successful car rental business is Rent Car Rental Cars. Components should be prepared in the opening and operating a car rental business.

First, we need to think about the infrastructure and facilities, such as: strategic place or location, the expert who is experienced enough in the car rental businesses, sufficient working capital, including capital to start a business, following its working capital and permissions. The second is about financial planning and control like cash flow projections (do not forget to enter the cost of vehicle depreciation reserve), conducting the orderly administration and bookkeeping, such as customer data records, inventory records office, a record turnover of money per day (daily cash book), and others, records of income monthly, noting the balance sheet / month. The last of business tips for opening car rental is planning marketing strategies. It is including pricing policy Surabaya Car Rental and method of payment, determining the target market, people from economy class whether that be your goal, variety of services offered to provide more value in Surabaya Car Rental, promotion to attract consumers, administration which is orderly and the legality of the vehicle rental agreement contract, and also cover the risk of loss of vehicle with car insurance.