Looking for a new vacation travel destination? Wondering which holiday spots don’t get the credit they deserve, and which ones receive too much? Here are some tips on a few of the most over- and underrated places.


South Dakota/Black Hills. Beautiful oasis of pine and mountains, and plenty to do with Mount Rushmore, Native American sights, Hiking, scenic drives, waterfalls, tons of wildlife to view, national parks,camping, fishing, and even wild horses and bison roaming free.


Upstate New York


National parks in Southern Utah.

South Carolina

Gulf Coast of Florida

Washington DC. A wonderful city with lots of places to explore.

Northern Wisconsin

The city of Athens

Oslo, Norway

Louisville, Kentucky. Not just for horse racing, this city has lots of small-town charm, a diverse art scene, a theme park for coaster lovers, lots of great restaurants, and much more.

Portland, Oregon.


Miami/South Florida. Hot, humid, crowded. Good shopping though for sure. The beach is fun but there are much better beaches in Florida.

Los Angeles. Too crowded on the highways, terrible smog, obstructed views of the surrounding scenery, unimpressive downtown surrounded by graffiti-covered neighborhoods.

Costa Rica


Disney World at Christmas. Way too crowded to be able to enjoy yourself.

Yosemite National Park. You need to hike to enjoy the beauty of this park. Otherwise you may be disappointed.

Isle of Capri

The Great Barrier Reef, Australia. Cloudy water, no fish, not much to see.

Bali. Open sewers run under the sidewalks.


Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. Visitors agree it is interesting but say it is not worth the time.

Sante Fe, New Mexico

Blarney Stone in Ireland.

Although these places have been called underrated or overrated by some, one can usually find things to like and appreciate no matter where you go. Use this list of travel destinations as a guide and be sure to thoroughly research your vacation plans so that you won’t ultimately be disappointed. What one traveler finds to dislike, others may find to be the best part of their trip.