Multi-trip travel insurance is an secondary travel insurance developed for those people which class themselves as frequent travellers. There is set criteria for when a policy such as the annual multi-trip travel insurance is usually suggested. This criteria often translates to making more than three separate trips each year.

Multi-trip insurance is typically far more expensive thansingle trip insurance. This main reason for the increase is opportunity for making an unlimited number of trips within the year. The only thing you need to be more aware of is the duration of the trip may often be restricted. Usually, each travel consequence can last no more than thirty days, depending on the insurance provider and type of cover selected.

The difference with an annual multi-trip policy is normally flexibility. This allows you to choose areas of cover you consider to be essential in addition to choosing who will be covered under the travel insurance i.e. yourself, family or friends. Certain policies will even go as far as to protect each person on the trip, therefore covering them when travelling separately.

On top of this, many providers will include an element of sports cover as standard for a limited period. For example, winter sports insurance may be offered without an increased in price for a trip of up to twelve consequtive days: if you then require it be be for a longer period then you would be asked to pay an additional cost.

The importance of considering a policy is that you are paying for protection. This type of protective cover is one that can get you out of trouble during a freak incident or even a natural disaster. You are paying up for reassurance and piece of mind, so that if things do go wrong you have options available to you, and mostly importantly you won’t be on your own to deal with them.