Mauritius is a tropical paradise to enjoy sun, sand and sea. Every year millions of tourists from around the globe come to Mauritius by land, water and air to enjoy vacations, travel trips and business trips. To plan out Mauritius travel itinerary requires pre-planning. Check out Mauritius travel tips that will make your travel trip a joyride:

Mauritius Climate:

The climate in Mauritius is soothing and reinvigorating. The temperature on the coastal areas varies between 22°C in winter and 34°C in summer. Tourists don’t need to carry heavy baggage for winter clothes.

Customs and Traditions:

The people of Mauritius are very warm and courteous. A handshake is an acceptable form of greeting. While visiting some of your Mauritius friends take a gift as a token of gratitude.

Credit Cards:

Carry credit cards with you as it is normally accepted by the banks, hotels, restaurants, book stores, in the shopping malls and tourist shops.


It’s not necessary to give tip in Mauritius. Some of the restaurants and hotels in Mauritius include a service tax in the bill.


In Mauritius people are conservative when it comes to dressing. Avoid minimal clothes in Mauritius. Carry robes and sarongs to cover up during the beach trips.

Mauritius Banking Hours:

Mauritius Banking Hours are Monday to Thursday: 9.15 am -3.15 pm, Friday: 9.15 am -3.30 pm, Saturday: 9.15 am -11.15 am.

Mauritius Currency:

The monetary unit in Mauritius is the Mauritian Rupee (Rs) which is divided into 100 cents (cs).

Money exchange counters:

Money exchange counters are easily available in various hotels, banks and tourist areas facilitating money exchange. It is extremely beneficial for the foreigners to convert their local currency.

Mauritius Driving:

People in Mauritius drive on the left-hand side of the road and give way to the right.

Aforementioned are the useful Mauritius travel tips that will help you plan out a perfect Mauritius vacation in a hassle-free way.