Borescopes-R-Us announces that they are now an Authorized Distributor of Karl Storz Industrial Borescope and Videoscope products. KARL STORZ is a global manufacturer of remote visual inspection (RVI) equipment including the TechnoPackâ„¢ X. TechnoPackâ„¢ X is the first RVI system to incorporate a laser measuring system. The LaserTrueâ„¢ laser measuring system provides measurement on demand, with “no tip change” required. Just turn it freeze and measure. Measurement is displayed on the screen and can be stored with the image or transferred to a desktop PC for initial measurement or re-measurement. All measurements are made on full-screen images with twice the resolution and size of traditional stereo images. LaserTrueâ„¢ can be used as a “live” laser comparator for fast, on screen evaluation. Clearview Technologyâ„¢ maximizes image resolution and delivers large, full-screen images for inspecting and measuring. Image filters optimize video and fiber images.

In fiberscope images the interstitial (pixel) pattern can be eliminated to optimize the resolution. The TechnoPackâ„¢ X can operate a wide range of Videoscopes including the KARL STORZ 3.8mm Videoscope, 4.2mm Videoscope, 5mm Videoscope, 6.2mm Working Channel Videoscope, or 8mm Videoscope. By attaching the Telecam CCD camera you can capture images from the KARL STORZ F100 – Qualified Swing Prism Borescope and other manufacturers’ fiberscopes and borescopes.. The advanced digital processor’s Instant Recognitionâ„¢ feature identifies which videoscope or camera is connected to the TechnoPackâ„¢ X and automatically adjusts to maximize image quality. This allows you to use any scope in your inventory while maintaining the highest possible resolution. The United States Air Force has Qualified and Approved the TechnoPackâ„¢ X Videoscope System for Borescope Inspections, including measurement. For more information on the TechnoPackâ„¢ X system please call Borescopes-R-Us. In addition, Borescopes-R-Us will offer the complete line of Karl Storz Borescope and Videoscope products. Karl Storz offers the higherst quality rigid scope and swing prism borescopes.