Considered the best stadium in the city of Sheffield, Don Valley Stadium is arguably the best athletics centre in the north of the country, owing to its multipurpose use. Built in the late 1980’s and officially opened at the beginning of the following decade (in September 1990) in readiness for the World Students Games in 1991. This great stadium has been full of activity since then, not only in the field of sports but also in the entertainment industry. The stadium has hosted a number of live concerts, the same year it was opened and a great number of them in subsequent years.

Since its start, Don Valley Stadium has been not only the city’s focal point of athletics but actually the country’s largest athletics arena. It boasts of being the country’s largest athletics stadium with a capacity of 25,000 for sporting activities, and 50,000 for concerts and other live performances.

Don Valley Stadium is currently the home to Rotherham United Football Club, Sheffield Eagles RLFC and Parramore Sports Football Club. It is just the ultimate sporting point whether you want to watch rugby, football or any other sport of athletics. The peak of the year at Don Valley Stadium is usually during the BritBowl. This is the annual championship finals of the British American Football league which usually attracts a great number of people from both Britain and the United States.

The stadium has also been long used as a training base for the City of Sheffield Athletic Club, one of the city’s superior athletic clubs. It is also used for channel 4’s celebrity sports show, The Games and it is also the home to the Sheffield Half Marathon.