Nowadays, it is not uncommon for the average person to take a trip across the nation or even out of the country. And whether we travel across town or across thousands of miles, we are notorious for taking photos. Technological advances have allowed even the technically challenged among us to take beautiful photos – we can use digital cameras, camera phones, or even throw-away cameras, and still end up with images we are proud of. So we tend to take a lot of photos.

In fact, we take so many photos that many of us find that we do not have enough spaces to display them. Some of us use photo albums while others resort to using boxes. The sad thing about that is that we get little or no enjoyment out of those photos. But thanks to the computer there are new ways to display our photos. There is a downloadable Ez saver program that allows users to create self-contained Windows screen savers using their photos.

Many people are finding that this freeware program is a great way to create a personal travel channel on their computer. The easy saver program offers a simple-to-use format in which a variety of picture types can be used. The images can be rotated and resized if needed. The application, once initialized, will rotate the photos, one by one, and the user can enjoy the slideshow.

With all this program offers, it’s amazing that it is free. One of the things most liked about the application is the fact that captions can be added to each picture. The advantages to using this program are numerous; it’s no wonder there are no easy saver complaints.

It’s an easy way to organize and label photos, and the user gets to enjoy pictures that otherwise would be hidden in a box or closet. One would expect a product like this to cost a lot of money, but because it doesn’t it is the perfect program to tell friends about. After all, they probably do not have any place to display the photos from their last vacation!