John DiScala, popularly known as Johnny Jet, is an expert travel blogger. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Johnny Jet. He has published an Internet travel guidebook You Are Here Traveling With Johnny Jet in 2003. Besides making numerous television appearances on channels like CNN and ABC News, he has also appeared in many newspapers and magazines, such as LA Times, Outside Magazine, Frommer’s, and Travel + Leisure.

Adventure travel fans will find is a great place to get any information related to travel. A detailed newsletter on his travel adventures is published every week on the website. They can also find blogs and videos on his travels. In addition, links to several websites, such as travel guides, car rental companies, companies selling airline tickets, travel deals, and more. His travel blog also features travel pictures, webcams, and daily stories with up-to-date travel information.

Travelers who want to travel economically, comfortably, and efficiently will definitely find this website useful. Though it was initially started for fun for his friends, this website is now among the top 100,000 sites on the web.

Johnny Jet was the first guest to appear on the Steve Perillo Travel Show. Steve Perillo is the CEO of Perillo Tours, which has been offering travel tours to Italy since 1945. Today Perillo Tours also arranges quality travel tours to Hawaii and Israel. In a candid interview Johnny Jet gives viewers inside scoop on cheap travel. According to him, traveling in style within a given budget is possible. He also talks about ways of getting cheap business class or first class seats and also about ways of getting hotel bookings. He adds that being friendly to everybody is the key to a pleasant journey.

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