Lagos city is heartland of Nigeria. Tourists from each and every corner of the world book their cheap flights to Lagos with Arik Air to celebrate and enjoy their time at this blessed and amazing city of Lagos. Lagos is suggested and most recommended place by the tour operators and travel agents to pay visit again and again. If you are keen and serious in traveling to Lagos then there are some serious and important hints and guidelines to consider before the execution of your trip to Lagos. Tourists from Europe and its adjacent Countries frequently book their flights to Lagos from London to spend holidays and enjoy the pleasant climate of Lagos.

Lagos holds the hot savannah climate. There are two rainy seasons also observed in Lagos. First one is heavy rainy season which observed in the month of May to July. Second is light heavy season which observed in the month of October and November. The peak and perfect season of traveling to Lagos is during the months of July to September.

Getting flights to Lagos through Royal Air Maroc is not a problem. Flights to Lagos are kept on operating from all corners of the world round the clock. First of all you need to spare some time to get cheap deals and flights to Lagos. Time allocation and time management is very important in this regard. Try to book your seats in advance to get discounted fares. It is suggested that before the execution of your trip to Lagos book your tickets two to three weeks in advance and spend tension free time and trip to Lagos. Try to go for domestic, local or national Airline as compare to foreign and international Airline. These local and National Airlines are best and offer discounted fares as compare to foreign and International Airlines. If possible try to take the membership of any Airline. Because these Airlines offer cheap fares to their members to give maximum benefits to their clients. Try to go for late night flights or give preference to late night flights these flights are cheaper as compare to morning and day time flights. Lastly go for normal days flights to Lagos like try to book your seats in normal days of week like from Monday to Thursday. Flights are very cheap in normal days of the weeks and the similar flights become costly on the weekends.