If a person wants to escape the homeland for an exhilarating travel experience with a large party, there is hardly any place in the world that can match the charm of London. This eternal English city houses some thousand attractions, if not more and you can not give it a miss if you want to make your group travel London a really memorable experience. You can be with your family or colleagues or even with your friends and relatives.

Today group travel has become quite common but yet an attractive option. While families and relatives can take a brief sabbatical to drench themselves in the London wonders, multinational companies offer incentive travel to employees these days as a part of their non-monetary reward. While these two forms of group travels have been quite popular for sometime now, one more trend has added to number of groups breaking into the city in the recent tines. This is educational excursion. Today collages and universities across the world send students to other institutions as a part of their global student exchange programs. While education remains the major stimulus to such London trip, it is quite natural that they would steal some hours at least to hover around the Westminster Abbey or survey the sky-kissing London Eye or make it to a nightclub.

Your group travel will give your trip to this city a whole new meaning as you will be enjoying yourselves right from the time you book your flight. It is very easy to reach London from any part of the world. You can book your flight well beforehand to ensure all of you get reservation in the same flight. When your flight lands at the London City Airport or Gatwick Airport, or Heathrow Airport or Luton or Stansted Airport, you can easily get an airport transfer service to reach the hotel you have decided to put up. If you think that your party is too large to fit into a cab, you can take multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs) that can accommodate as many as eight passengers with huge cargo. You can also hire a bus service to reach your destination. You can use a hired car service for sightseeing purpose too making an unforgettable group travel London.

If you are in a business trip, then London will offer you more attractions at a cheaper price. You will be able to choose any of the luxury and cheap hotels in the city. Regardless of what you can afford, in London there are many economic accommodations but the standard of civil amenities is never compromised. If you are visiting London for the first time with your friends, you must not bother yourself with the popular misconceptions about London hotel prices.