I can not forget the beginning of travel Pass a companion to see the kind of head shock when the next track the expression of excitement. 10 years ago, when I first saw his reaction and the same.
Rutting like a small ditch, a total of four, each have over a span width, depth range, but all too eighty-nine cm deep. If the hard soil, concrete, on the minor groove, there is no surprise who they are on the slate and minor groove. Voucher head stone doorway is all bunk, no longer a piece of slate is flat, angular, and they cracked, broken into uneven surface of the block, each block is round the corner of the sweet face , the lines of dough, deep in the rut embedded in the stone circle is also delicious in the groove groove. It was not hard Zaozao out, but soft grinding grinding out. The number of years, the number of Juji, the number of stone steps to the ground so hard?
Time can be inferred. Head was originally a tower across the street Taki. Crossing tower was built in Yuan Yuan to positive five years to two years, that is AD 1342-1345. Yuan positive five-year certificates under the tower within a stone road openings can pass the case, since 663 years. In fact, after the liberation of the tower across the street has not opened to traffic, as the roads, it’s useful life should be a little more than six hundred years, or nearly six years. Pass a piece of photo identification Republic of China until the shoot this picture, it is the only city channel off Pass. Five hundred years will be ground so the appearance of bearing the weight that it is the number? It is able to calculate out of it?
In my memory, head coupons the way under the door has been buried, until 1993 to 1998 Pass off the city was uncovered during renovation. It tells me two messages, one head stone path under the door voucher is connected with the Pass Road, is part of Guyan Trail. A message is to walk on this trail than imagined busy.
Said trail is colder, away from from the reality. Guyan Trail is not, at least not after the Yuan Dynasty.
Trail ruts full of flow storage ring with the years.
Years that the invisible knife, carved stone set in the way are what?
The emperor’s team
Yong Pass thumb through poetry, Lee Mao-turn to the “North sign.” This is the twentieth year of the poet in the Ming Yongle (1423) in July, to John Lin Shidu as “squire” Yongle Emperor Zhu Di to do when the North sign. Poem “the beginning of Camp Sunshine, Barry Ge Ji save” the sentence. The emperor’s personal expedition team, a pull that is Barry, that is how long, how the public ranks wow! Poems may be exaggerated, Barry is just imaginary, but certainly mighty, they have coupons from the openings in the head too.
Some of the Ming emperors were often the Pass, not go to war is to patrol the side, or go hunting. Have access to the dragon flag of each Feng Nian, Jia Xiao acoustic drums, feather cluster Diaogong, Qianhuhouyong, horseshoe sound of wheels rolling. Travel scenes, Kim Young-tzu in the Yongle years Suijia North Patrol’s “Fat Dragon and Tiger Taiwan degrees Guyan,” poem, depicting a number of more detailed. “Stop the vehicle in front insurance plug by briefly after the overshoot. Slow bridle out of dark green Gap, Xiema temporary peak.” “Trekking exit plug, Miao Miao Ling north wind. Tianwei vibrating thousands of miles, before the peak of the tiger who hawk.”
Xuan Ye Qing Patriarch three out of Aixinjueluo Pass. He is to head the Department of Junggar Geer Dan put down the rebellion. How much force with the load when the history books. Pass out, he has a poem. Victorious return after victory, “into the Pass,” the poem, we can see that his feelings of pride: “Riding out the beginning and feather weight off, the south wind still smoked the entire pennant. Kay Chuan Shuo win a victory plug the book, full of festivity cheers Renhuan … …”
Counter-insurgency military operations, force is not small, not to mention the emperor foreign crusades!
Gaozong Aixinjueluo Pass north by Hong Li, although not to fight, the lineup is quite impressive.
Daily troop movements, the occurrence of war, tens of thousands out of hundreds of thousands of troops to Pass, the narrow trail had to endure in silence Guyan.
Witness to History
Ju Yong Guan Road ditch in the valley.
Trail formation time than the time set off far more likely when there is the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors. Guyan nine Cypriot Cyprus is one of the Taihang Mountains, is an important Saibei channel between the Central Plains. Liao Jian five in Beijing, Beijing has become the Nanjing (also known as Yanjing). AD 1122, Jinbing offensive Pass, Liao abandoned off the main escape, Shouqiang the fall. Kublai Khan built a large capital, the then Beijing has become the political and cultural center, Guyan Trail to each generation excited. It is the only way out of Beijing to Beijing Ben. AD 1125, gold occupation Yanjing, 1151 moved the capital to Yanjing, as in 1153 changed all Yanjing, as the capital until the dollars to replace gold, to facilitate the visit to Beijing Kaiping summer, Kublai Khan built in Huyu dragon Taiwan the palace. Please come Xunxing momentum, the poem is Yin: “clear streets thousands of officers waiting Ming, Wan Qi, such as the dragon.” Yuan Dynasty emperors after the summer has become Chengli north, to the element when Shundi, Chi Ming Aru diagrams in the large prime minister Pass the long slope, across the street shops build a tower, built in the north of Sun Da Bao Monastery phase. Emperor again Xunxing to live dragon palace and lived Taiwan Temple of the Sun. Sun Bao Temple in the palace is magnificent, with three towers across the thoroughfare, Juji all over its next (see Yin is the “Pass” Poems from the note), Yuan Shundi love this place, this should be in every passing Juyongguan clear streets. But only after a lapse of twenty years, the last emperor of the imperial Yuan Dynasty Revealed in Guyan Trail has to play the squeaky Ya Ya is desolate solitary cold elegy. When he was seen fleeing from the Pass of a single soldier of the guard.
Guyan Trail Empire accepted the most embarrassing leader of the Empress Dowager Cixi. Eight-year gates of Beijing in 1900, the Queen Mother a rough Buxia underwear gown and a bun Magu, like the Han Chinese woman, dressed as a little boy with a look like the Emperor and Empress Jin Fei, etc. hired by the three mule train to flee Beijing, mule train distance, no squire, only the coachman coachman. When the thunderstorm into the Pass, as the rain like splashing water, road adhesion was stained feet. Old lady hit the barracks after a tip off the city, hiding in the stragglers, the Ben fork City, Fort … … Ben Ben Yulin Xi’an, Taiyuan Ben gone. Ju Yong Guan city street Beiguan Wangjing stone, because she set back the capital of the sad stone look from a famous historical site.
Landscape features
Guyan Trail experience and witness are not all war, war, the emperor’s dignity, guards of honor of the Long Dragon extravagance, rise and fall of empires, but also witnessed the north of the national economy, cultural exchanges and development. Guyan Cypriot Although close from Beijing, it is still largely a watershed, a watershed in climate, production, watershed way of life, cultural watershed, north of the inter-ethnic communication is frequent, this exchange resulted in the prosperity of the relevant plug .
Pass the military’s throat, but also trade channel, which the central plains beyond the Great Wall, nomadic farming closely linked to various ethnic groups, non-war period, the vehicles are mostly business travelers horses.
There are two historical photos, I looked very surprised. One is between the head and revive the national planning workshops, one is a commercial street. They show and I visualize the very fit, all the space occupied by the building and the market, leaving the trail of the space is limited. In fact, relations have been to the city of Pass people know that there wide enough to build a mountain town. In fact, the history of the shop is a long slope densely populated heart of the town economic development business.
Guyan Trail of prosperity, but prosperity of peasant economy, the tower across the street, as evidenced under the track. Look at your frog groove, wider at the top, diagonally inside concave, concave and so deep, not the car is not considered dead Road is a rolling out, so take the car in front, behind the car, we will surely go, Che Gulu, a wooden, iron has a bag, and nail the nails, do not face these kinds of wide-spoke wheel, not wheels and wide, an effort to a place to eat, eat the depth, but eat no width. A long time, a variety of small farmers occurred in earnest the era, is also good, not worth mentioning, Xing Ye Hao, Ye Hao decline, were in the past is history, stone and slate on the road rut road ditch, then left us history of a unique landscape, which lead us to explore, food for thought and sentiment.