India is a diverse nation culturally as well as geographically. One can travel to India to experience its beautiful Himalayas, golden dessert, scenic beauty, endless beaches and amazing people. Travel Tours India is one of the leading travel agency excelling in India tours.

Trip to India can be of many types such as pilgrim trip, rural India trip, exotic trip, luxurious trip, back-pack trip and so on and so forth. Since India is a big nation, it takes time to reach from one place to another, but it is well connected by road, railway and airline making it a fun journey for the traveler. India Travel provides all the facilities to its travelers including booking the tickets, hotels, pick and drop facility and bed and breakfast within the budget of the traveler.

Travel Tours India believe in knowledge trips where the foreigners and even Indians learn more about Indian culture, religions and its rich history. There is so much to see once you travel to India including monuments from Mughal era, British era and from ancient times of Harappa civilization where one is mesmerized by these beautiful buildings that were once decorated with precious stones and jewels.

From mountainous hills station in the north that is lush green and chilly to calm untouched backwaters in the south and from unique east to bustling west, one trip is not enough to see many characters of India. The hill stations of India have its own character where many cultures are amalgamated into one. The presence of Anglican Indians, Tibetans and Hindus in Indian mountains give this region a new culture. Trip Planners usually plan a trip according to traveler’s requirement for example if the traveler is looking for an adventurous trip then they book luxurious tents for them. Similarly, if the traveler has come to rejuvenate self then comfortable luxurious hotels are booked.

If the traveler wants a taste of royalty then, Indian railways has launched few royal trains like Golden Chariot, Palace on Wheels, Deccan Odyssey and Royal Orient train. These trains have high tariff which is totally worth it. These trains are mainly meant for foreign travelers where world class food, spas, bars and entertainment zones are all included. Tours to India can change the outlook towards life of many travelers as this country has a lot to offer. Tourists can really enjoy and relax here in its jolly environment.