The lush greenery from tropical plants is the some of the reasons for Kauai being called the Garden Island. On your Kauai travel you have to prepare for the abundant rainfall that comes to the island. Some of the beauties of the island quite surprisingly come from negative impacts on nature like erosion. Because of the forces of erosion that has hit Kauai; natural sceneries like the Na Pali Coast and the Waimea Canyon were formed. If you love beaches then your Kauai travel will provide you with plenty because the island boasts one of the longest sandy coastlines among the neighboring islands.

Prepare to be mesmerized on your Kauai travel because based on the accounts of those who have been to the island, it is like stepping into another world. One of the historic driving economies of this island paradise is the sugar cane industry. Unfortunately, this thriving industry ended in 2009 which put an end to the 117 years of existence of the sugar industry. The end of the sugar industry though signaled the birth of the tourism industry in the island. You will observe during your Kauai travel that it is relatively smaller compared to Maui or Oahu. In terms of population it is likewise smaller plus the atmosphere is more relaxed and rural.

If you are going to Hawaii, including a Kauai travel getaway is a must. You might be surprised to find out that the island is a favorite destination not only of tourists but of Hawaii residents also. You are virtually in an island paradise and you can choose to be active by exploring many of the island features or simply stay on the white sand beach and do nothing. If one of the goals in your trip is to have total relaxation then a Kauai travel getaway is the right decision for you.

One of the advantages of Kauai against the other islands is that it started relatively late in the tourism industry. As a result, time shares, bed and breakfasts, as well as condominiums are slightly larger in portion. The island also strictly imposes a limit on the height of the hotels that are being built. So don’t be surprised during your Kauai travel if you don’t see any skyscrapers or mega-resorts in the island. You might think it’s a joke, but actually there is a prevailing rule that nothing on the island can be built that is higher than coconut trees.

Another island characteristic that you will find during your Kauai travel is that there are no roads that are actually circling the island. This means that you may opt to take some of the dirt roads or go exploring by hiking around. What is amusing though is that because of the size of the island, you can actually see both ends of the road within the same day. Just a reminder though, never plan a Kauai travel getaway if you are pressed for time or in a hurry, it will not be worth it.